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  • Best of 2014 Social Media Marketing Posts

    Best of 2014 Social Media Marketing Posts

    The practice of public relations has been forever altered by the power of social media. No longer does the corporation

  • Marketing Mythbusters: How to Leverage Advertorials

    Marketing Mythbusters: How to Leverage Advertorials

    By Karen Geier   If you’ve ever read a magazine, you’ve undoubtedly come across the “advertorial graveyard”: fake articles designed

  • Introducing Marketwire Resonate for Small Business

    Most of the time we start a Monday with bleary eyes and coffee (it’s not just me?) but this Monday

  • 10 tips for today’s business blogger

    Aaaaah, the business blog. A welcoming destination where visitors get to glimpse behind the velvet ropes and experience your organization’s

  • Twitter winners: 10 deeply engaged brands

    There’s little question that for many companies, Twitter is good for business.  With more than 300 million user accounts and

  • 10 sports teams doing social media right

    If you wonder how much impact social media has on sports, consider two of the most tweeted events in recent history: 

  • Social media and the royal wedding: Who’s engaged?

    This year, despite the many weddings I’m a bridesmaid for, I couldn’t help but think about the upcoming royal nuptials

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