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  • Tips from the trainer: Using LinkedIn for business

    For this week’s SM 10X30 Q&A, I’ll answer questions about using LinkedIn for business. With all the attention Facebook has

  • Tips from the trainer: Facebook applications and FBML

    In this installment of “Tips,” I answer questions submitted by SM 10X30 participants about some more advanced topics involving Facebook.

  • Tips from the trainer: Twitter lists and Twitter search

    In this installment, I’ll answer questions submitted by SM10X30 participants about Twitter lists and retweeting. I am now following @marketwire.

  • Tips from the Trainer: Twitter usernames and Facebook pages

    In this weekly series, SM 10X30 fitness trainer and resident social media specialist Nick Shin answers selected questions from program

  • Get social media fit. Fast. Our SM 10×30 program makes it easy.

    Frustrated with Facebook?  Troubled by Twitter?  LinkedIn got you feeling locked out?  For many PR professionals, the social media landscape

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