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  • Mobile News and the Power of PR Reach on Smartphones and Tablets

    By Denielli Dy, Associate Editor In today’s world, people rely on their mobile devices and electronic gadgets to connect with

  • Show – Don’t Tell: Making Your Video Stand Out

    By Daniel Kushnir, Associate Editor When it comes to pop music, video may have killed the radio star — but

  • How to Plan a Successful Event — Part II

    By Renee Sylvestre-Williams The buzz for your event is strong and journalists and VIP guests are sending their RSVPs. How

  • No “Return to Sender” — How Direct E-Mail Lists Can Amplify Your Message

    By Leland Humbertson, Associate Editor Public relations professionals are always looking for ways to more effectively distribute their messages to

  • The truth about influence

    By Gail McInnes Before social media took over traditional media, many brands participated in product seeding, where groups of individuals

  • How to Get Journalists to Call You

    Marketwire recently hosted a webinar called, Stop calling journalists, get them to call you! 10 PR Musts for Business Owners.

  • These presentation skills can help your PR wins

    By Dagmar King You’re yawning through yet another boring presentation. Try as you might, you find it really difficult to