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  • Show – Don’t Tell: Making Your Video Stand Out

    By Daniel Kushnir, Associate Editor When it comes to pop music, video may have killed the radio star — but

  • How to Plan a Successful Event — Part II

    By Renee Sylvestre-Williams The buzz for your event is strong and journalists and VIP guests are sending their RSVPs. How

  • No “Return to Sender” — How Direct E-Mail Lists Can Amplify Your Message

    By Leland Humbertson, Associate Editor Public relations professionals are always looking for ways to more effectively distribute their messages to

  • The truth about influence

    By Gail McInnes Before social media took over traditional media, many brands participated in product seeding, where groups of individuals

  • How to Get Journalists to Call You

    Marketwire recently hosted a webinar called, Stop calling journalists, get them to call you! 10 PR Musts for Business Owners.

  • These presentation skills can help your PR wins

    By Dagmar King You’re yawning through yet another boring presentation. Try as you might, you find it really difficult to

  • 10 leading socially engaged nonprofits

    Positive word of mouth and brand advocacy are important to any organization.  But for nonprofits, groups that are typically challenged