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Writing Inspiration Roundup: Our Top Writing Posts of 2015

Writing Inspiration Roundup: Our Top Writing Posts of 2015

Whether you’re writing last-minute seasonal blog content or already gearing up for a new year of media pitching (and if you are, we applaud you), a little inspiration can go a long way around now. So, we’ve rounded up the 8 top-performing writing posts from our blog from the past year to help you out. Here you’ll find back-to-basics press release pointers, quote-crafting best practices, and more.

Top PR Blogs You Should Be Reading 

When it comes to PR resources online, you can throw a rock and hit a PR blog offering tips and advice on how to do the job effectively. With so many out there, it can be difficult to separate the quantity from the quality.  Here is our hand-picked list of the PR blogs you should be reading now.

The History of the Boilerplate and 7 Tips on Writing One

Back in the mid-1800s, boilerplates were the steel plates that were used to make steam boilers for ships. Fifty years later the newspaper industry adopted the word to refer to “a unit of writing that can be used over and over without change.” Today, in PR, a boilerplate is the last section of your news release where you put your company information. It may be canned, but it’s your opportunity to sum up who you are and what you do.

Bringing Personality Back to Your Press Release: Move Beyond the Same Old Quotes

When you add quotes, you mix up the traditional “PR template” style, which is the best way to prevent your press release from sounding like paragraphs of facts that don’t give the reader any human interaction. Here’s how to do it right.

How to Write a Feature Press Release

Feature releases, which are typically focused around an evergreen topic rather than breaking news to be shared right away, can allow you to appeal to people with a variety of niche interests, and reach markets outside your industry. Feature release topics can include travel, health, family, pets, personal finance and holiday gift buying. Think of a feature release as a piece of content you can recycle. Make sure it’s quality, so you’ll want to.

First Impressions: The First Paragraph of Your Press Release

“You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.” This statement holds true in many regards, especially when putting out a press release. One way to make a good first impression with yours is to put forth the most pertinent information first, pulling your readers in as soon as you can, with the right angle. Here’s how to make your first paragraph memorable, informative, and most importantly, engaging.

Correction is Not a Dirty Word. Mistakes Happen — Here’s How to Fix Them

We all make mistakes. Some big, some tiny, and some seemingly inconsequential that prove not so later on. When a mistake does happen, correct it and smooth over a potential negativity storm well before it snowballs. We’ve got some advice to help.

How to Leverage Medium for Your Brand

Medium, a blogging platform with built-in social features that let you to interact with other publishers and share your work, is a great option for brands that want to demonstrate thought-leadership with longer form content. Find out what type of content performs best on this platform and how to get started.

Press Release Structure: Making Your Content Stand Out Online

Press releases are temporary documents; much like a website, a key lesson for this type of writing is to be scannable. Find out more about press release structure and how to make sure your content stands out on the screen. After all, your press release isn’t going to resonate with your online readers if it’s not easily readable.

Your efforts to create blog content, news releases and long form articles will only pay off if they reach the right people. Are you putting effort into making sure they do? Learn how to leverage your owned content and get it into the hands of your influencers by downloading our tip sheet, How Influencers and Content Marketing Can Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business.

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