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How Content Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand: Tips from Jason Mollica

How Content Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand: Tips from Jason Mollica

Content marketing. These two words are now popping up in virtually every industry, but the term is no buzzword. There are a number of ways that content marketing can have a real big impact on your business’ success.

How? When you provide your audiences with the type of content they want – content that interests them and educates them – it inspires them to share it with their networks. As a result, you build your brand and grow your share of voice among your target audiences. Content marketing is a win-win.

Many recognized subject-matter experts and influencers share their tactics free, online – but how can you be sure what will work for you? If you’re in PR, the people you’ll want to look to are your own influencers. Jason Mollica is one of ours, so we asked him to discuss some of his best pointers for creating and sharing content.

  1. Focus on topics that are mutually beneficial

Your content needs to strike a balance between serving your interests and serving your audience’s. Jason says, “Some may say that strategy trumps content, but if you are trying to get and retain customers, you need to share and publish content that is smart and well-thought out – and resonates with their interests and needs.”

The intersection of where your content (which incorporates your brand message) meets your audience’s interests is where the magic of content marketing lies. How can you find out what kind of content your audience wants? Ask them. Ask your sales and support team. Or, conduct a survey.

  1. Create content with social sharing in mind

No matter what your goals are with content, your efforts will always be enhanced when your content gains traction on social media. How can you help it gain that traction? Jason says, “In content marketing, the goal is to encourage people to share your content with at least one other person, or people. But, that content has to make others feel it will make a difference and cause a reaction.”

Incite sharing by creating content with the knowledge of what motivates your audience. What content are they already sharing? What topics, viewpoints and opinions caused enough of a reaction for them to want to share? Those topics can serve as clues.

  1. Leverage the power of emotion

Making an emotional connection through your content isn’t just a “nice to have.” Emotions are powerful drivers of decisions; they can prompt actions and change mind-sets, leading to strong loyalty and a deep connection with a brand.

Jason shares an example from his own content: “A current tourism client of mine has been using images of its breathtaking shoreline and activities showing families having fun, which creates that emotional experience.” The result? “It has led to an incredible financial impact, and it also draws people back to the area. Remember: awesome content gives you an opportunity to create and foster relationships!”

Creating and sharing content around topics that will benefit both you and your audiences, aiming to incite the motivation to share, and creating an emotional connection are three ways you can be successful in your use of content. For more ideas, access our free tip sheet, How Influencers and Content Marketing Can Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business.

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