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New Tip Sheet: Content Marketing & Influencer Engagement

New Tip Sheet: Content Marketing & Influencer Engagement

If you’re involved with PR or marketing in today’s content-saturated world you’ve undoubtedly heard the terms ‘content marketing’, ‘influencers’,  and ‘influencer marketing’.   Why all the hoopla?  Because today is the age of the customer, and if you’re responsible for increasing your company’s brand exposure, reputation, client base and/or revenue, you’ve got to think about new and different ways to engage customers and earn their loyalty before you can expect to win their business.

Customers are looking for information and answers to questions they have about which brands to choose and which products to buy.  They’re looking for relevant, interesting content that answers their questions and makes decision-making easier, and they’re increasingly looking online and in social media to peers and subject-matter experts who can inform and influence their choices.

In our new tip sheet, “How Influencers and Content Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business,” you’ll see how content marketing, influencers and influencer marketing tie together and  the impact they can have on your brand, customers and business.

Start with the basics

For those who are a bit fuzzy on what it all means, we begin by defining content marketing and influencers. These terms, which have become somewhat fashionable buzzwords, actually do have very solid roots:

  • PR has always been about influence – attracting, engaging and building relationships with people who endorse and lend third-party credibility to a particular person or company; and
  • Content marketing, which is something you probably do already – like writing and publishing bylined articles and blog posts; managing social media; producing video, photos and infographics; and posting information to your company newsroom.

But if you’re practicing these skills the same way you always have, you’re almost certainly not getting the results you should be – especially considering the way people now share and consume information.

The who and why of content marketing and how to make it work for you

To find your influencers, you first need to understand they can come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in many different places. It’s your job to identify where they are, what kind of content they produce and share, and how they interact with their communities. Armed with this intelligence and insight, you’ll be better equipped to get the right content to them in the right format, and through the right channels.

Our tip sheet “How Influencers and Content Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business” will help you understand:

  • How and why the lines are blurring between marketing and PR
  • The power your influencers hold over your brand’s success
  • How to identify and track down your own influencers
  • How to build and maintain positive influencer relationships
  • What owned content you should control and how to get it into the hands of your influencers
  • A quick PESO glossary

You’ll also learn why recognized subject-matter experts and influencers Sandra Fathi and Jason Mollica are involved in content marketing and how they benefit by building strong relationships with influential community members.

PS:  Take our survey:  Are you a #contentmachine?  

You may be thinking as you read this: I already use blog posts, photos, tip sheets and other content assets in my campaigns and communication activities. And I’m posting them and sharing them with my customers.

If so, we would love to hear from you – even though you may not consider yourself a “content marketer” or “influencer marketer.”

Please take our short #ContentMachine survey. It takes less than 5 minutes and you’ll help us better understand how people are using content, who they’re sharing it with, and why.

Stay tuned for our Content Machine Infographic, coming in November. We’ll recap the results of this survey and share them with you right here on our blog.

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