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Content Marketing World’s Top 5 Take Aways

Content Marketing World’s Top 5 Take Aways

[By Alexandra Hoag, Senior Product Manager, Marketwired]

I recently had the opportunity to attend my first Content Marketing World, which was hosted in Cleveland, Ohio this year. It was a packed event that attracted more than 3,500 attendees, offered over 80 breakout sessions with leading content marketing experts and influencers, and presented the opportunity to discover new companies gaining popularity in the marketing sphere.

Marketwired was a Specialty Sponsor of the event this year, which offered us the opportunity to highlight our new focus in delivering content-marketing solutions for communications professionals. Also, we were excited to see our friends Traackr exhibit with their Traackr Caafé, which generated a discussion about the importance of influencers in a content strategy. (Have you connected with yours?)

Many other trends in content marketing were talked about at #CMWorld, but here’s a snapshot of a few of the top ones in my 5 take aways:

  1. Content Marketing Success is about staying true to your brand while being original

Conductor, a search and web presence management technology company, shared a client use case for one of the best-performing pieces of content for Brooks Brothers, an American clothing company – a video on “how to tie a tie.” Brilliant, if you consider that their core target audience is men of all ages, but particularly young men looking to identify with a brand for their style. Brooks Brothers’ conversion ratio from video watched to users browsing ties on their website has been a success.

  1. Most companies aren’t so lucky to be unicorns

Jay Acunzo‘s presentation,” The Content Wheel: Sustaining Momentum with Greater ROI While Punching Unicorns in the Face,” focused on the effort it takes to stand out in the online world, unless you are lucky enough to be one of those “unicorns”: companies that exploded to great scale seemingly overnight (ie – Snapchat, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). Jay focused on the importance of simplifying your brand story so anyone can identify with it, and touted that if brands can create content that solves the same problem and / or fulfills the same emotional desire as their product does, it’s a winning strategy.

  1. Timing can be everything

In a perfect world, content is distributed and consumed exactly when companies have the time to send it and, magically, consumers are awaiting it. In the real world, we know there is a bit more to mastering that science. There were several companies in attendance, including Marketwired, whose services help their clients find topics trending at various times, align their marketing strategy with optimal release of their content, and determine best-performing content.

TrackMaven, who made their booth quite a timely attraction with fresh juice in the mornings and wine at the cocktail hour, helps their clients understand when content in relation to their industry is trending and how to capitalize on it and benchmark themselves against competitors.

  1. Content that can be repurposed is gold

What some companies fear is the time it takes to create new content and assets. Yes, this does take time, but in today’s world there is so much content out there, it’s important to find content you can repurpose and make your own, as well as reuse in relevant moments.

And fear not, as there are quite a few companies putting algorithmic rhyme and reason to what content companies should distribute when – what content best engages with their target market on Facebook on Tuesday afternoons, for example; it’s pretty cool and makes for efficient marketing. If you are looking for a brand to help put science behind your content and produce leads, exhibitor Ion Interactive caught my attention!

  1. Sometimes it takes a conference to find your brand champions, and connect with partners and colleagues

I attended the conference with our VP of Business Development, Sylvie Harton, and one of our West Coast Enterprise Sales Leaders, Roxanne Anzlec, which presented us a great opportunity to connect from a variety of angles with old and new friends and brands. Opening night, hosted by Skyword at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, presented opportunities for my colleagues and I to introduce one another to friends at other companies, meet new marketing professionals, and bump into companies we had been planning to connect with while being at the conference.

#CMWorld also offered me the opportunity to finally connect with Gini Deitrich in person. Even though we both live in Chicago, schedules can be tricky to match! Gini presented on SEO and partook in the Hollywood Squares event on Wednesday. She has also worked with Marketwired on several discussions and webinars in relation to Influencer Marketing. Check out her blog, Spin Sucks.

We hope to connect with you at this year’s PRSA conference in November. Be sure to come say hi!

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