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Marketwired Team Members Weigh In: What’s the Best Thing About Working In the Communications Industry?

Marketwired Team Members Weigh In: What's the Best Thing About Working In the Communications Industry?

[By Kait Fowlie]

Last week, a few members of the Marketwired team had a chance to meet up at our Chicago office. We got a chance to swap info about Marketwired happenings, discuss trends in the communications industry, and network with our global team members. Although we come from diverse backgrounds and have different experiences, we all agree on one thing – the communications industry is one of the most exciting industries to be in right now.

We took a few minutes with some members of the team to ask, “What’s your favourite thing about working in the communications industry?” Here’s what they said:


It’s always changing.”
– Kathleen Hayne (@kathleen_hayne), Business Development Representative, SMB. At Marketwired for one year and one month; in logistics just over two years.

“The ever changing landscape – and the fact that you get to work with all different kinds of industries – tourism, retail, etc.”
– Ashley Collins, Account Manager. At Marketwired seven months; in the communications industry three-and-a-half years.

“Fast paced – get to be part of making and breaking news across many industries.”
– Mike McGuire (@mcgoomm), VP Sales. At Marketwired for 15 years; in the communications industry for 15 years.

“The best thing about working in the communications industry is the people I work with and sell to. They are smart, articulate and professional – and in general, really nice people.”
– Sarah Jager (@SarahJager), Senior Account Executive, Sales. At Marketwired six months; in the communications industry 14 years.


“The satisfaction of helping people tell their story.”
– Tahif Attiek (@TyAttiek), Account Executive, SMB. At Marketwired just under two weeks; in the communications industry six years.

“Immediacy. Because we’re all connected, it takes seconds to get the information you’re looking for.”
– Matt Tunzi, Learning & Development Specialist. At Marketwired five years; in the communications industry five years.

“The best thing about working in the communications industry is that it is dynamic and exciting one day to the next.”
– Peter Franchi, Sr. Client Sales Manager. At Marketwired three months; in related industries eight years.

“To me, it is the fact that we are instrumental in ensuring the world is well-informed! We truly play a key role in that on a daily basis.
– Tijana Muratovic, Director, Sales Effectiveness. At Marketwired almost four years; in Marketing, PR and Comms roles 15 years.

“I love working in the communications industry because everyone has a message they want to be heard and I have the opportunity to make sure the right people hear it.”

– Clayton Myers (@ctmyers02), Account Executive, SMB. At Marketwired three weeks; in the communications industry three weeks.

“As the industry continues to change, the day to day job is never the same. As a communication specialist, I enjoy updating and educating clients on what’s new in the space. The industry is full of committed, hardworking, enthusiastic individuals who are awesome to work with!”
– Libby Cummins, Account Executive, SMB. At Marketwired just over six months; in entertainment and customer service for over five years.

“I love the communications space. It’s evolved so much over time and continues to do so at an exponential pace. The convergence of Marketing, PR and Social is incredibly exciting to watch, and helping clients truly understand how to optimize and syndicate content – while mapping back to ROI – is what I love most. This profession forces you to stay ahead of the curve, continuously learning and growing so that you  – as an individual consultant – can be viewed as a thought leader in the space.”
– Stacey Lawson-Barr, Senior Manager, Sales. At Marketwired just over 2 years; in the communications industry 15 years.

How about you? What’s your favourite thing about working in the communications industry? Have any of these answers made you think about the industry in a different way? Let us know in the comments below.

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