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How PR pros can integrate Meerkat and Periscope into their strategies

How PR pros can integrate Meerkat and Periscope into their strategies

[By Jason Mollica]

There are two new kids on the social media block that are making many swoon. By now (hopefully), you have heard or used Meerkat and Periscope, the live streaming video apps that link to a user’s Twitter account to broadcast and watch video from around the world.

Both of the apps allow viewers to comment on the video they’re watching, see how many other viewers are currently viewing alongside them and indicate your approval through a “like” on Meerkat or “heart” on Periscope. Everyone from regular folks to the media are using the apps to show behind-the-scenes updates to their dog playing fetch.

Of course, the big question for PR pros is: How can we use it for clients? I’m glad you asked! When it comes to new platforms it’s important for our industry to learn as much about these platforms as quickly as possible. As we have seen, brands want to be on new channels before the competition.  Here are a few ways PR pros can use both to their advantage.


Brands and businesses can demonstrate products and services, as well as talks by a CEO. Say that you represent a series of restaurants. You could recommend the executive chef do a live cooking demonstration. It’s also a great way to show speakers at a conference, especially if the keynote is particularly noteworthy.

Product launches

Marketers can build suspense by revealing new products in stages and giving behind-the-scenes sneak previews.

Promotions and deals

I love this, especially for small- to medium-sized businesses. Marketers can offer consumers exclusive promotional codes that are accessible only through Meerkat videos. These types of offers, only through Meerkat, will help build audiences and brand loyalty.


We’ve already seen this used by some sports networks. MSG Network, television home of the New York Rangers, used Meerkat to give fans between-period analysis, as well as some Q&A, since the games were on the NBC Sports Network in the U.S. It’s a great real-time tool in this instance.


Image replacing the “old” website FAQ page with a more appealing video FAQ. You could do that with Meerkat or Periscope. A business or an organization would post video answers, which also would give the appearance that the brand is really listening and not just posting a generic page of text answers that do not always help.


Let’s be honest: our clients all have a story to tell. Why not make it easier for them to tell who they are and what they do? Both platforms can help advance the story of the organization’s history, give a tour of company headquarters, introduce the public to employees, and relate a day-in-the-life of the organization.

What is becoming clearer each day is that live streaming apps are not going to go away. As a matter of fact, there will most certainly be more. The question for PR pros is how you can put this new series of tools for content marketing and communications to use properly. Amplify the positive!

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