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Top 10 PR Blogs You Should Be Reading

Top 10 PR Blogs You Should Be Reading

[By Aaron Broverman]

When it comes to PR resources online, it seems you can throw a rock and hit a PR blog offering tips, tricks and advice on how to do public relations effectively. With so many out there (both independent and associated with various PR firms) it can be difficult to separate the quantity from the quality. Well, now’s the time. The following is a comprehensive list of the PR blogs you should be reading and why.

Brian Solis

Consistently placed at the top of other lists like this, Brian Solis’s blog explores the intersection between business, culture and technology. A futurist, anthropologist and digital analyst, in his work as an analyst for the Altimer Group he studies the effects of disruptive technology on business. His latest blog articles as of this writing explore the future of business, the expertise gap and working for more than just a living. Solis has a knack for picking topics that those in business didn’t realize were at the top of their minds and that’s what keeps professionals coming back to this resource.

Shift Communications

This blog takes Shift’s integrated PR approach to the public sphere. Its newsletter – Shift Happens – is getting award-winning notice from across the industry, having already won a Gold Bulldog Award from What’s the winning formula? Try the best articles from the Shift Agency Blog with tips on how to incorporate storytelling elements into day-to-day PR activities combined with industry news, highlights of cool things Shift clients did that week and a clickbait article from a section called “The Big Idea.” A recent title from this section was How to Face Down a Unicorn.

PR Daily

Built by Lawrence Ragan Communications Inc., PR Daily is basically a newswire for the PR industry. Offering various articles covering a number of different topics, from conference alerts and social media to job alerts and PR in different industries like sports and politics, it’s an online PR newspaper structured in a way that assaults your senses. From the top crawl that wipes by at a steady clip to a list of articles that just seems endless, this blog is good enough to get lost in and it’s probably catnip for procrastinating publicists.

6 A.M.

This blog is from the largest PR company in the world – Edelman – which is reason enough to follow it. Then, to know that every post comes directly from the mind of CEO Richard Edelman (son of founder Daniel Edelman) is even better. Most companies have a few guest blogs from their CEO every once in a while, but Richard Edelman is the writer of all of 6 A.M.’s entries. Not bad for a guy whose father basically invented many of the PR techniques that are commonplace today.

Peter Shankman

Forget the choreographer, film director and sometimes So You Think You Can Dance judge Adam Shankman. This is the blog of Peter Shankman, the social media, marketing and public relations impresario who founded The Geek Factory – a PR, social media and marketing strategy firm in New York City.

His ideas, creativity and energy seem boundless. This man is always on and that’s why he’s worth reading.  He never takes a break and misses an opportunity to learn something for work – not even at his daughter’s first birthday party.  His blog proves that everything can be spun into a valuable lesson.

Spin Sucks

Written by Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of the Chicago-based integrated marketing and communications firm Arment Dietrich, Spin Sucks is a professional development blog for PR and marketing professionals. It has won a number of blog awards year after year thanks to great sections like Gin and Topics, which rounds up the most viral videos of the week, and The Spin Sucks Inquisition, which interviews stand-out marketing and PR professionals from across the industry.

PR Week’s The Cycle

This blog from PR Week relies on going behind the headlines to keep it on top. Take the recent FIFA corruption scandal that’s been all over the world’s sports pages; you can trust PR Week to analyze FIFA’s troubles and their impact on its sponsors from a PR perspective. It doesn’t end there either. PR Week also analyzes the impact of Twitter phenomena, such as the #NationalBiscuitDay hashtag, on participating brands. PR Week seems to stay on top of the news cycle in a way no other PR blog does. It doesn’t just regurgitate what has happened; it offers value-added, relevant industry analysis instead.

PR in Your Pajamas

Aimed squarely at entrepreneurs and those interested in D.I.Y. PR, Elena Verlee has been building brands as an entrepreneurial communicator for over two decades. She built the site as a way to give back to the small business community and expose members to a PR playbook they can use without hiring an expensive firm. She goes for the practical and not-so-obvious lessons we all need to learn in today’s business environment. Things like How to Improve Your MailChimp Newsletters and How to Measure Content Performance Across Social Media.


Increase your understanding by gaining insight from the blog of the Public Relations Society of America. It might be a little too perfectly regimented for some, with the promotion of ideal best practices, but it’s an asset to know what professional organizations are thinking. Plus, their entries go beyond typical PR blog fare to surviving office politics and turning nos into yeses.

Flack Me

Beyond the cheeky wordplay, this is a no-nonsense PR professionals’ blog that delivers the straight dope on coping in the industry. It’s clean and gives you insights packaged as news. One entry describes how the hashtag is now a literary device if you’re under 13. Every so often they even meditate on their counterparts in media with an entry called Sympathy for Journalists. Flack Me is powered by

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Sakshi Singh said : Guest Report 2 years ago

Ya.. i can say these are the best blog. I am also follower of shiftcomm blog and improving my ideas. Thanks dude..!

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