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Does Good Social Media Mean Good PR?

Does Good Social Media Mean Good PR?

[By Jason Mollica]

Over the years, the silos of public relations and marketing have broken down so much that we now see many of both disciplines in each other. That said, we have also come to understand the value of what good social media can do for PR and marketing, separately. A solid campaign that is built with a smart strategy, effective engagement, and the measuring of results will help in delivering good PR. However, it is assumed that just because you are on social networks and do a good job with it, you will receive good PR in return. That kind of thinking is wrong.

Good social media should never be assumed. You need to work at it consistently and smartly. Just posting on Twitter for the sake of posting is wrong and your audience will, very quickly, stop following you. If you are a brand or even a business, posting on social networks does not guarantee financial success or millions of followers.

When developing your strategy, it’s important to realize that while you need to be thinking about integrating your social media marketing with your PR plan, you need to consider these steps.

  • Social focus: Specialize your content instead of creating all your content for all people. A focused social media marketing strategy has a better chance for success than a wide strategy that attempts to make everyone happy.
  • Quality: I always prefer to have a thousand social connections who read, share and talk about my content with their audiences, as opposed to 10,000 connections who disappear after connecting with me the first time. A quality social relationship will benefit you, PR-wise, down the road.
  • Patience: Your plans will not take off overnight. Sure, there’s been that odd 24-hour success story. However, it’s better to understand that you are in this for the long haul, not just for a quick fix.
  • Value-driven: If you spend all your time on social networks promoting your products and services, people will tune you out very quickly. Add value! Focus less on conversions and more on creating content that will bring people back. Eventually, the value you have provided will become a powerful catalyst for great PR.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that social follower numbers and posts will show how good your PR efforts are. It doesn’t show anything, except that you have numbers. Make the most of your social channels and create content that will help your campaign and your future PR plans. That’s good PR and good social media.


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