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Recap: #PR4Smarties Twitter Chat

Recap: #PR4Smarties Twitter Chat

[By Kait Fowlie]

During my first few weeks as Marketwired’s new Community Manager, I’ve been introduced to many prolific PR professionals and communications experts. I’ve also had a chance to get my feet wet with the #PR4Smarties webinar and Twitter chat (see my highlights below).

Marketwired hosted “PR Pitching for Smarties,” (click here to view the recorded version), a webinar in which Dan Ovsey, Michael Smart, Martin Waxman, and Deridre Breakenbridge imparted valuable knowledge on what’s involved in building great media and influencer relationships.

So many questions were raised during the Q&A session afterward that we decided to take the conversation to a blog post and a Twitter chat.

At the Twitter chat, PR experts Doug Smart and Martin Waxman generously agreed to offer some A’s to the Q’s. In case you missed it, here are a few of the highlights:

1. What are the top defining differences between pitching B2C vs. B2B?

  • @martinwaxman: I think there are more similarities than differences – it’s all P2P (people to people) and being relevant.
  • ‏@samdunsiger: It’s about relationships and understanding people’s needs. We’re humans dealing with other humans.
  • @DSSimonDoug: B2B has an advantage of a laser-like focus regarding the reporter’s beat.

2. With so many communication channels available today, what role do news releases play?

  • @DSSimonDoug: News releases can help with SEO for a brand, a big reason to do an MNR.
  • ‏@martinwaxman: News releases are a format to deliver news. We should make them more mobile friendly and visual.
  • @samdunsiger: Some journos still prefer to get a release. Key to pitching: know their pitching preferences!
  • @JasMollica: A well-written, well-thought out release can sometimes be the difference between coverage or no coverage. 

3. How does a start-up company build relationships with the media?

  • ‏@martinwaxman: Don’t go to a journo or blogger with your hand out first. Get to know and help them before you make an ask.
  • @PRisUs: Relationships are tough when media are constantly changing roles / jobs in shrinking newsrooms. A good story is king.
  • @martinwaxman: You do need an amazing story. You also should understand how to build a relationship fast.
  • @DSSimonDoug: Establish yourselves as thought leaders especially with content including video.

4.  What are some creative ways to pitch services in niche industries to get media attention?

  • @DSSimonDoug: Make pitches more relevant to a larger audience or more compelling to a smaller one.
  • @Melissa_Kue: A start up should 1st know a reporter’s past (what they’ve written, subject focus). So when they pitch, it’s the right fit.
  • ‏@aiaddysonzhang: Various social media platforms definitely help stay connected with reporters and understand their preferences. 

5. How “professional” do the photos need to be that accompany pitches?

  • @JasMollica: You don’t need to have award-winning photography. But, think about the photo being part of the story.
  • @DSSimonDoug: Photos need to tell a story and should be a minimum of 300dpi.
  • @samdunsiger: Photos simply need to add to your story. And anyone can take a good photo. Learn photography basics, best practices, etc.
  • @JasMollica: Wouldn’t hurt to ask editor, reporter what they look for in contributed photos. #PR4Smarties

6. When pitching via social media, should you opt for a short pitch publicly or a private message with in-depth information?

  • @samdunsiger: Introducing yourself and building that rapport publicly first, before privately pitching, can work.
  • @samdunsiger: Benefit of pitching via Twitter: character limit forces you to be brief and get to the story right way.
  • @DSSimonDoug: The best is a short private pitch. Tip: Don’t offer exclusives publicly.

7. What is your best advice for building relationships with media influencers today?

  • @martinwaxman: Build relationships by getting to know people first, read, watch, try to understand their POV and help.
  • @DSSimonDoug: Don’t ruin relationships by blasting them with irrelevant content.

Let’s not let the discussion end here. Let us know what you think! I – and the rest of the community – would love to hear your two cents. Be sure to give us a follow on Twitter @Marketwired and stay tuned on our blog for more quality PR tips you can only find here.

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