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Why PR Pros Need to Use LinkedIn Better

Why PR Pros Need to Use LinkedIn Better

By Jason Mollica

In mid-2014, Social Media Examiner’s Marketing Industry Report showed that Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most important social networks for marketers. However, when asked to select only one, 54% selected Facebook, with LinkedIn at 17%.  These statistics show something very important: LinkedIn is underutilized.

Log in to your own LinkedIn profile and take a look at the content that is shared. How useful do you find it? What about the LinkedIn groups that you are in? The ones I am part of either have little meaningful discussions or are the same people who share a blog and don’t bother to respond to comments. I’ll be the first to say that I’m guilty as charged. I’ve shared many a blog post on LinkedIn and haven’t followed up.

So how can we, as PR pros, be better at using LinkedIn? Here are some ways to achieve this.

  1. Ask a group of trusted colleagues to join you in creating a PR Intelligence group. Let this be a place where you share ideas, research, successes and misses, and discuss tools you use that help you achieve client goals. The more your share, the better we become as professionals.
  2. LinkedIn profiles need to show your personality and background. There are many profiles that come across as wooden, or worse, incomplete. There is no excuse for having a profile that has empty spots or gaps in your experience. How can you show other pros and/or clients that you deserve their business if your profile doesn’t have information about you and what you’ve done in your PR career?
  3. Show your work. Publish your blog content on LinkedIn, as well as white papers, infographics, and videos that you’ve done. This will allow colleagues and potential clients to understand your expertise and better understand how you can help them. This leads into…
  4. Always keep it fresh. Don’t let your profile get stagnant. Make sure you are updating your speaking engagements, board appointments, or a work achievement. It’s important to show your growth.
  5. Don’t be inconsistent. You share on Twitter and Facebook, but post on LinkedIn infrequently? Wrong strategy. LinkedIn users who share updates at least once a week are 10 times more likely to be approached for new opportunities. By keeping your feed current with company and client news, and articles in which you are quoted as an expert, you will maintain a position that is prominent on the LinkedIn news feeds of your contacts and remind people that you are a potential resource.

LinkedIn is not just a network that is used as a resume. For PR pros, it should be as important to you as Facebook and Twitter. It’s a tool to get to better know colleagues, clients, and businesses. Invest in LinkedIn and you’ll be rewarded.

Agree or disagree? Let’s start a discussion in the comments.

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