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Introducing Adnan Ahmed, President and CEO

Introducing Adnan Ahmed, President and CEO

Marketwired is pleased to introduce our new President and CEO, Adnan Ahmed.

In this personal message Adnan shares some exciting news with you about our re-energized company focus and leadership, and explains what it all means to you.

The Marketwired and Sysomos family of companies has separated and we now operate as two distinct, independent businesses. I have been appointed to lead Marketwired and Lindsay Sparks has been named CEO of Sysomos. Both Marketwired and Sysomos will remain part of the OMERS Private Equity portfolio of companies.

The strategic decision to separate our businesses better positions Marketwired to realize our tremendous opportunities for growth and innovation, and sharpen focus on our core customers and products so we can continue to deliver the superior solutions and service that you have come to expect from us.

I joined Marketwired in June 2013 as Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager to oversee our direction and global strategy, and lead our teams through the development of our flagship product, Marketwired Resonate. In my new role, and in partnership with my entire Marketwired team, we will drive transformational change in the news distribution industry. Our focus is on customer-centric service and company-wide innovation and we will continue to develop new solutions to help you create more engaging and impactful content that you can share with the audiences who are most important to your business.

How does this news directly impact you?

From a day-to-day perspective, it’s business as usual for our customers: You still have full access to the services you use today, there will be no pricing or contract changes, and no change to the professional, hands-on service and support you receive from our Sales, Editorial and Client Care teams.

What about Marketwired’s “Powered by Sysomos” technology?

To ensure our customers benefit from best-in-class social media data and intelligence, our flagship product, Marketwired Resonate, will continue to be powered by Sysomos technology. More and more of you are looking for new ways to enhance your news distribution with social media, tap into Twitter conversations to see who’s talking about your company, and measure the impact of all that you’re doing. Embedding Sysomos technology and intelligence into Marketwired Resonate means we will continue to provide you with an unsurpassed, integrated solution for news distribution, social communication and reporting.

What is Marketwired’s focus and commitment to its customers?

The Marketwired team is committed to excellence in everything we do for the customers we serve. We deliver that excellence through innovation, customer service and expertise, and are committed to bringing you:

  • Customer-centric, flexible solutions that support your business objectives. We strive to be an extension of your PR, IR or communications team and a nimble partner who provides you with a choice of solutions that meet your business needs, whether it’s media and influencer targeting, distribution, regulatory filing and disclosure, or social media reporting.
  • Progressive thinking and innovative products. Today, people don’t just want to read news, they want to experience it. We’ll help you create news and content that is multimedia-rich, social media-friendly, and shared with the people who matter most to your company.
  • Precision, professionalism and subject-matter expertise. We have the technology and teams in place to protect your business information, accurately communicate your company news on a timely basis, and provide industry expertise and guidance to help you be successful with your communications.

For more than 30 years, Marketwired has provided news distribution solutions to public relations, investor relations and marketing professionals who represent companies of all sizes, and across all industries, in North America and worldwide.  Every single one of our customers is important to us, and we value the relationship we have with you. Thank you for your business, and I look forward to a successful 2015.

If you have questions or want more information, I encourage you to visit our website to read our frequently asked questions and the full text of the news release we issued today. You can also reach out to your Marketwired representative or to me directly.


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