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Best of 2014 Social Media Marketing Posts

Best of 2014 Social Media Marketing Posts

The practice of public relations has been forever altered by the power of social media. No longer does the corporation hold the same control over how its brand is perceived. Now, the consumer holds sway and PR and marketing pros – at least the smart ones – have taken this paradigm to heart by altering the way they do business. They take more time to learn who their fans and influencers are and tailor their PR and marketing approaches accordingly. And they find out what platforms and social channels their fans frequent. That way, they can create sharable content (tweets, images, video, posts) that reaches the right people in the right way.

We want to share a select few of the social media marketing posts we’ve published over the past year that discuss the new ways brands are taking advantage of today’s social channels. These posts will hopefully give you some ideas that you might want to try out in 2015.

How to Boost Your Business through Instagram Marketing

People often think of Instagram as simply a place to share ‘selfies’ and fun snapshots, but research shows the business potential of this visual social platform is substantial, especially if you’re in the e-commerce or online retail business. With more than 55 million photos uploaded on Instagram daily, it can be a virtual goldmine for companies and brands that figure out how to use the photo-driven site to their advantage. Read the post to learn more.

Will Pinterest Pique the Interest of IROs?

We may associate Pinterest with female hobbyists who pin pictures of clothing or furniture they’d like to purchase, or even recipes they plan to cook. But the site encourages companies to participate and there are signs that some are beginning to use this image-oriented vehicle to reach investors. In fact, it could be an important destination for investor relations officers. To see how IROs are using Pinterest, read the post.

Storify: A Beginner’s Guide

While there are many ways to curate social media, one product has quickly become the favorite of digital newsrooms and savvy brands alike: Storify. This digital “scrapbook” allows you to knit a cohesive story from a series of social media sources. You can leverage the easy-to-use platform to tell great stories, express opinions, answer consumer need, or just show off your brand values. For creative ways to leverage this platform, read the post.

Why YouTube Might Not be Your Best Bet for Video

Traditional wisdom used to be that brands placed video on YouTube due to its role as the number-two search engine by traffic and its unique discoverability, meaning your branded video could be placed next to a competitor’s video without you paying for position. That wisdom may have to be set aside in the wake of new numbers emerging from Facebook. Read the post to learn how to prioritize today’s video channels.

Twitter Essays: Are They for You?

Twitter essays are getting a lot of buzz. These long-form, connected tweets allow people to give you immediate feedback on your points. Plus, a series of tweets lend themselves to piecemeal retweeting of certain points, showing you after the fact which parts of your essay resonated with your audience. It’s like running a real-time focus group to better tailor your message to your audience. Read the post to find out if Twitter essays are for you.

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