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Tis the Season… Best of 2014 PR Tips

Tis the Season... Best of 2014 PR Tips

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is almost over. Before the year completely slips away we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on a few of our ‘Best-of-PR’ blog posts from this past year. They’re filled with valuable tips that can help you put a shine on your PR game now and in the year ahead.

5 Ways to Make Headlines and Get Media Attention

Written by a free-lance journalist, this blog post addresses the one question journalists frequently get asked by corporate PR folks: “How do I attract media attention for my business?” Although there’s no tried-and-true system that works 100% of the time, this article walks you through five dos and don’ts that are critical to successful public relations. Read the post.

How to Build Successful News Releases

The news release now performs a multitude of new marketing functions that it never did in the past like sending your messages to search engines and social channels and driving traffic to your website. That’s in addition to its more traditional functions like getting media to cover your story and generating credible third-party endorsements. This post will help you more effectively write, optimize and enhance, distribute and post your release and analyze results in today’s crowded media landscape. Read the post.

Writing News Release that Catch Fire

News releases are a must for any company interested in getting its news out to the media, however there is definitely an art to cutting through the noise in a 24-hour, worldwide news cycle. From a description of the ‘new’ newsroom to the finer points of writing a release that tells a story, has a hook and a twist, and conveys your brand’s voice, this post will give you great ideas for making your release as enticing as possible for the people who report on it so they can turn it into an interesting story. Read the post.

How to Turn Your PR Content into Clickable, Shareable, Search-friendly Stories

One big change in the past few years is the way in which people receive and consume content. Today, instead of controlled, one-way messages issued by companies to defined media audiences, communication has become a two-way dialogue. This post gives you tips for turning ordinary news into engaging content, making your news more shareable with earned, owned, paid and shared media, getting your content found and shared, and using powerful visuals. Read the post.

7 Tips for Adding Multimedia to Your News Releases

Embedding images and video in your news releases is a fantastic way to boost their drawing power and sharing potential. They’re also more likely to generate media coverage and extend the reach and staying power of your news. This post delves into the technical details of working with multimedia assets to ensure they display the way they should and get properly cataloged on search engines, websites and social channels. Read the post.

4 Tips to Raise Your Measurement Standards

A news release doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is a tactic that contributes to helping your organization achieve its business goals. This post by ‘measurement guru’ Katie Paine tells us how to establish metrics so we can assess and report on our success. Beginning with agreed-upon objectives and metrics to determining technical aspects of search strings and filters, this post will help you assess how your news release and PR efforts fit within and contribute to the big picture. Read the post.

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