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How News Releases Drive Brand Credibility and New Business Leads

How News Releases Drive Brand Credibility and New Business Leads

A Case Study:

Your organization may provide the best product or service of its kind, but do your potential customers know that? You want your prospects to contact you when a need arises, but positioning your brand and maintaining top-of-mind awareness can be elusive.

Case in point: Twentyseven Global is a software engineering firm headquartered in Kansas that sells technology services to companies around the world. Although in business since 2009 and recognized for achieving excellent results for its clients, the firm suffered from limited online visibility and a lack of brand reputation. According to Steve Roatch, CEO and president of Twentyseven Global, “we had no search engine activity on page one of Google.”

Marketwired recently interviewed longtime client Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM), an agency known for producing results through its full-service, tailored approach to public relations. We wanted to find out exactly how the agency propelled its new client Twentyseven Global from a virtually unknown organization to one that today enjoys page-one Google prominence and a steady stream of new business leads.

The Solution: News Releases at the Core of a Full-scale Marketing Push

JSMM began by thoroughly assessing the company’s current situation and market landscape – and identifying its top-performing keywords – before launching a full-scale marketing and PR plan. A key strategy was to regularly issue news releases with keyword-optimized headlines and lead-in paragraphs that provided valuable information to businesses in targeted geographic locations.

The goal was to ensure that Twentyseven Global’s news releases appeared on targeted media and high-profile websites as well as on industry trade sites, and were easy to find on search engines. In concert, JSMM pitched media outlets, shared the news releases through social media channels, and designed custom campaign hashtags. To support this outreach Twentyseven Global built a website portfolio that showcased its clients, work, services and company details so potential customers could learn more about the company and make contact.

The Results: Search Engine Prominence, Increased Web Traffic and Leads

Pretty soon results started rolling in. Media outlets began reposting the releases. When people entered relevant search terms, Twentyseven Global appeared. Shortly after that, the company was attracting online leads and increased website traffic. According to Roatch, “this was significant progress since nothing on the company appeared on Google prior to this when searching for our brand name.”

Relating the importance of online information such as posted news releases to brand credibility, Jennings said, “When a prospect conducts online research and doesn’t find a great deal of information on an organization such as news releases, videos, blogs, case studies, etc., they might feel the company is not credible and the business opportunity is lost.”

Along with Twentyseven Global’s newly created online credibility, there have also been tremendous improvements in overall content marketing and organic SEO as well as an increase in business development and sales activity. According to Roatch, “the deal flow has increased dramatically – and that’s without having a single sales person on staff.

JSMM has since expanded the marketing program for Twentyseven Global across other social media channels while continuing to issue news releases supported by social media storytelling, which is creating a steady stream of online buzz for the company.

Download the complete Twentyseven Global case study and learn more.

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