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Sharing Your Social News Release the Smart Way

Sharing Your Social News Release the Smart Way

By Jason Molllica @JasMollica

President, JRM Comm, Inc., Author of the One Guy’s Journey blog

In today’s social world, how you communicate with your community is of utmost importance. Not understanding how to do this will cost you valuable opportunities to build champions internally and externally. The same goes for sending out a news release. For public relations professionals, the days of just hitting ‘send’ on an email to reporters, stakeholders, and others are over. You can’t have a one-track mind when it comes to your news. By knowing how your audience wants its news delivered, you’ll have a leg up in analyzing how far your release goes, what is driving a conversation, and who are the influencers that are helping spread the word. Remember, each social channel has a different audience.


Want higher sharing? Make sure tweets are customized by reader for greater sharing. Steer clear of using the release headline and come up with something compelling and sharable. Got a hashtag? Use it for another level of measurement.


Keep your news focused and on point, but make it conversational. The ‘Like’ button is a pretty powerful thing and having compelling content to go along with an attention-grabbing Facebook post can go a very long way. Sharing the release on your page is two-fold. One, it allows current friends to see what you are up to; and two, it gives your champions an opportunity to share the news with their friends. Make sure to keep an eye on your statistics, too. As we said with Twitter, measurement is key.


Not considering Tumblr to share your news? Think again. Tumblr offers a great opportunity for shareability and for visuals. If you have an infographic to share, Tumblr is the perfect place. But, you must understand your audience. Make certain you’ve geared it correctly. Tumblr’s audience skews younger, so a message you put on Facebook won’t work here. Be strategic.


The great thing about Instagram is that, in some ways, it is an untapped resource. Just think: there are over 100 million monthly active users. If your company or brand is already sharing on Instagram, then you have a built-in group of champions waiting to like and comment on your news. They will give you immediate feedback and, in turn, help you spread the word about your business organically. And by using relevant hashtags, you can help cast a wider social net.


We’re coming back to infographics here, as well as using compelling photos. These are all great to consider for Pinterest. Up to 80% of all pins on Pinterest are re-pins so it’s important to have consistent, original content that people will want to share. This is the best way to promote your news and to further get your brand name out there.

Remember, you can post your release to all the social networks you’d like. But, if it isn’t strategic or compelling to your audience, the news will be lost in the social noise. Stand out and be smart with a social news release.

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