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Viral Videos Begin with Good Content

Viral Videos Begin with Good Content

By Mark Evans – December 18th, 2013

Reposted from the Sysomos blog

Every digital marketer wants to create a video that goes viral. It’s seen as a magical way to drive social media activity. It is a challenging job, however, and many brands miss the mark….but not from a lack of effort.

Social media users tend to gravitate toward video in two ways. The first is obviously to watch, enjoy and get information (users tend to learn better through multimedia than text), while the second is sharing it with their networks.

A great video can have a positive effect on your entire organization. It is one of the top ways to get your fans and followers talking and sharing.

But here’s the problem: Digital marketers might be wise to stop using the term “viral video,” since they can never really create something with the intent for it to go viral. What they should be talking about is creating videos that can be leveraged via social media to attract viewers.

So what is a branded video? And how should digital marketers proceed to create successful ones?

A branded video needs to be brand “lite” and on message. It should try to reflect a brand’s corporate culture and tell a story that entertains and matters. You can go any route with it – funny, informative or interview style. It can be specific or about just one thing. But please make sure that it’s also the following:

  • timely
  • proper format
  • well written

Just because your ad goes viral doesn’t mean it can help your brand. There needs to be a connection, even if it is not overt.

If you decide to go the funny route, then make sure it is funny. This might sound obvious but think about how many sitcoms and comedies you’ve seen that just aren’t funny. Find writers, animators or actors who have the comedic understanding and timing.

Of course, if a company can push its brand to the background, it will be much better off. Consider Camp Gyno or Chipotle’s brilliant foray into animation as the best examples.

If you do a good enough job and you’ve engaged an audience leading up to its launch, then a video has a shot of going viral. Simply creating good content should be the goal, because it’s the first step.

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