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Twitter Unveils Custom Timelines

Twitter Unveils Custom Timelines

The beauty of Twitter has always been its brevity, its 140-character messages serving as haikus in a world of bloated communication.

But for investor relations officers this stripped-down mode of communication poses problems, too. It’s difficult to tell a complex financial story in just a few lines.

Twitter recently introduced custom timelines, allowing Twitter account holders who use TweetDeck to choose those tweets that they feel tell a story best and to feature them more prominently. For interested IROs who don’t yet have a Tweetdeck account, getting one is easy through

Companies can name their timelines and curate the material included. In the words of Twitter’s announcement: “This means that when the conversation around an event or topic takes off on Twitter, you have the opportunity to create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most noteworthy, relevant Tweets.” Twitter’s custom timelines can also be embedded on a company’s IR site — or any website, for that matter.

Some have compared this new capability to what’s already offered by Storify, another social media tool that allows users to create custom timelines that suggest a larger story.

IROs might create a custom timeline around an earnings call.  Because companies have started to live-tweet these events, creating a custom timeline is a logical next step.

A company creating an earnings call timeline might include all pre-event tweets, questions submitted in advance, and tweets generated during the event itself.

Finally, here’s what a Twitter custom timeline looks like:

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