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Preventing PR Spam: How Marketwired Helps Keep the News Flowing Between PR Pros and the Media

Preventing PR Spam: How Marketwired Helps Keep the News Flowing Between PR Pros and the Media

By Bernadette Lee, Vice President Global Partners and Media Solutions

We’re glad to see David Segal at The New York Times raise the important issue of PR spam.  Given the infinite amount of content shared in today’s digital environment, it’s more important than ever for public relations professionals to take advantage of available technology that can help them fine-tune their outreach and zero in on the right audiences. This helps separate the glut of unwelcome distractions from valuable news and information so that media professionals can work effectively.

At Marketwired, our goal is the same as it’s been for the past 30 years: to connect news makers to news consumers. We provide user-friendly digital research tools so our clients can sift through data that matters to their target audiences. We help them tap into and take full advantage of market intelligence so they can identify influencers by topic and incorporate the most relevant messages into their content. And we guide them in making the most appropriate use of ‘traditional’ distribution of press releases to targeted, relevant audiences – so they can direct their news to the journalists, bloggers, investors and consumers who will benefit the most.

Calling attention to unsolicited PR spam is an opportunity for the public relations industry to distinguish best practices for media relations and focus on the importance of building meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our lines of communication are always open, and we welcome the opportunity to talk to and learn from our clients, the media, and the industry at large.

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