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6 Innovative Ways a Small Business Can Use Vine

6 Innovative Ways a Small Business Can Use Vine

By Aaron Broverman

Six seconds, that’s all you get.

Six seconds of free looping video courtesy of Vine – the Twitter-owned app that allows users to share their videos across various social networks. Used effectively Vine could be the latest social networking tool to take your business to the next level, but how do you use those six seconds wisely?

1. Engage with Customers

This past summer, Honda launched a Twitter campaign asking people to tweet them anything with the hashtag #Wantanewcar. The best tweets received a personalized six-second video response from Honda via Vine. Often, they were plays on the customers’ own tweets — almost like personal video love letters to their most creative customers. In doing so, Honda was able to show their own creative side and sense of fun, while making their customers feel special and valued in the process. Plus, thanks to the retweet potential of each video, they could potentially generate massive amounts of brand awareness across cyberspace.

2. Share Tips and How-Tos

Lowe’s, a chain of American home improvement stores, used Vine for six-second household tips and instructional videos on how to stop hardwood floors from squeaking, how to stop a jack ‘o lantern from getting mouldy and how to keep squirrels from your bird feeder. Tips like these have great share value and consumers will potentially revisit Lowe’s page again and again to better absorb the tips they viewed, watch the tips they missed and share them with friends. Thanks to this content Lowe’s becomes a destination brand for these home improvement secrets and a huge corporate brand is suddenly boiled down to their mom and pop roots, making them more accessible to their customers and drilling the company down to the essence of who they are and what they do.

3. Reward Fans of the Brand

GoPro is the waterproof, virtually indestructible camera that’s versatile enough to mount and wear practically anywhere, making it a favourite among extreme sports practitioners. GoPros have taken footage from the highest peaks on Everest to the lowest depths of the Great Barrier Reef and the people who use them are so thankful to finally be able to take cameras to these previously inaccessible places that every video they post is essentially an advertisement for the quality of a GoPro. Many of them post their videos as Vines and attach them to a branded hashtag on Twitter hoping for a shout out from the company. GoPro obliges and gets some great viral marketing in the process.

4. Go Behind-the-Scenes

Fashion brands such as Marc Jacobs take customers behind-the-scenes of their brand past the Fashion Week season festivities. Jacobs gives viewers of their Vines a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of their headquarters and stores. They offer up inside looks into their campaigns, celebrity interviews during in-store book signings and under the #staffstyles hashtag, highlight the patterns and prints worn by their staff. Doing this gives customers something they probably can’t get any other way and produces exclusive content and product previews for the most loyal among them before anyone else.

5. Highlight Product Features

Car company Opel uses its six seconds on Vine to highlight the various colours its cars come in, but Vine can be used for a closer look at any particular product feature prior to release or upon launch. This is a great way to create buzz and generate desire among your potential customer base. It’s also a great way to generate feedback and first reactions to a new feature instantly, so you can start an immediate dialogue with your customers and know where you stand with them instantly.

6. Create a Stop-Motion Advertisement

One of the most popular ways to create buzz on Vine is by using the technology to create six-second stop-motion advertisement. These ads are eye-catching and show the brand isn’t afraid to be artistic and creative. Their creation has become a cottage industry in and of itself, with some artists specializing just in stop-motion Vine videos. These efforts create great word of mouth and have the potential to be shared great distances across many social media platforms. The most creative among them tend to put the responsible brand on the tip of everyone’s lips and generate publicity that few can ever buy.

So there you have it, six ingenious and innovative ways to generate brand awareness for your business using what the looping video of Vine has to offer. The best part is it doesn’t take much – just a phone and the Vine app and you are ready to go. These videos are quick, concise, easily shareable and, when done right, highly focused. Waste the opportunity and it can be a disaster, but hopefully with the guidance above, you will find at least one way to utilize the technology. After all, who knew you could do so much in six seconds?


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