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Specialty Press Release Distribution Circuits: When, Why, and How to Use Them

Specialty Press Release Distribution Circuits: When, Why, and How to Use Them

By Adam Lovinus, Senior Editor, Marketwired

To get the most out of your press release, it all comes down to putting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. Say you’ve already crafted your news document and it is time to choose where to send it. Marketwired offers more than 30 specialty distribution circuits, each with a unique focus dedicated to specific media points that are centered around a particular industry, social group, or special subject matter. These circuits are specifically designed for breaking topical news stories in a broad but focused manner.

Think of specialty distribution circuits in three groups: 

  • Hot Spot circuits are geared toward journalists, editors and producers that specifically cover a certain industry. There are several types of Hot Spot circuits – Automotive, Biotech, Energy, Entertainment, High Tech, Health Care, Financial, Mining and Sports – and each distributes your news to a robust roster of media personnel covering those industries. Many of Marketwired’s Silicon Valley clients have success distributing to the High-Tech Hot Spots circuit. Production house clients in Los Angeles and New York garner results using the Entertainment Hot Spots. Texas drilling companies often take advantage of Mining Hot Spots, and so forth. 
  • Circuits targeting specific social groups include African American, Asian Wire US, GLBT, and Collegiate News & Radio. Each circuit distributes to trades and journalists dealing with financial, political, social, and lifestyle issues pertaining to each group. 
  • Government and Policy circuits include the Capitol Hill Circuit and the Public Policy Circuit. Capitol Hill reaches all Federal-level legislative committees and 8,000 trades dealing with US government; the Public Policy Circuit reaches even further, adding news bureaus dedicated to covering government affairs. 

For a complete list of specialty circuits and their media endpoints, click here

Which should I Choose – a Regional or a Specialty Circuit?

Choosing between a specialty circuit and regional circuit largely depends on the message you’re putting forth. For example, a Silicon Valley tech company announcing a new product might be best suited selecting the High Tech Hot Spots, whereas a similar company announcing new leadership might do better choosing Bay Area Metro. The message should logically dictate the audience – it makes sense that the new product has a wider appeal to tech writers, and the new hire story might appeal to local business writers. 

A Word about Combining Regional and Specialty Circuits

In some instances, choosing a regional circuit and specialty circuit may result in media overlap. Naturally, a lot of endpoints in a circuit like Financial Hot Spots would also be in New York City Metro. Same with Washington, DC Metro and the specialty Policy circuits, or Los Angeles Metro and Entertainment Hot Spots. A broad circuit like US National will have lots of overlap with most specialty circuits. But in the right situation, combining regional and specialty circuits could make for a big win. For instance, when choosing  distribution for this story about a civil rights museum opening in Jackson, Miss., it would make sense to combine the Mississippi State circuit with the African-American specialty circuit. 

At the end of the day, when deciding where to send your Marketwired press release, let the message dictate the audience. Specialty circuits offer you a way to hone in on a broad but distinct set of journalists and media points so your news reaches the most receptive audiences.

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