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The Breaking Bad Finale By The Social Numbers (No Spoilers)

Breaking BadThis Sunday millions of people tuned in to watch the series finale of the critically acclaimed and fan loved show Breaking Bad. According to The Verge, the final episode of the show brought in a total of 10.3 million viewers who watched the show live and also spawned an incredible 500,000 downloads in the first 12 hours.

Now, not everyone has seen the episode yet (myself included), so there’s no need to talk about what actually happened in it. However, with the rise of people wanting to be part of the action while they watch, there was also an incredible number of social media conversations going on around the program. Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, we decided to take a look at some of those number and share them with you.

Looking at social chatter on Sunday and Monday (because people love to talk about events like this the day after as well) we found that Breaking Bad was mentioned over 2.2 million times online. In those two days alone we found Breaking Bad mentioned in 8,138 blog posts, 9,490 online news articles, 15,364 forum postings and 2,215686 tweets. As well, while not pictured below, we also found that a whopping 8,589 YouTube videos were also created in those two days that were tagged or titled with Breaking Bad.

MAP - Activity Summary

Looking at those mentions actually spread out over that two day period we can see that the majority of social media mentions were made the day of the airing. This is likely because people were talking about it all day as they awaited the airing of the show and then tweeted along with it as they watched.

MAP - Popularity Chart for All Media

While the show did not air around the world for everyone, that didn’t stop everyone from getting in on the action. The article from The Verge mentioned above stated that 18% of the pirated downloads of the episode came from Australia, while the UK and the United States also made up the top three countries that were downloading it. This shouldn’t be a big surprise as the show is behind in both Australia and the UK, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from trying to keep up to date with it anyways. A look at where mentions of Breaking Bad were coming from show that the United States talked the most about it, accounting for 60.4% of the conversation. The next country with the most amount of mentions was Canada at 7.6%, but they also got to watch the show live as it aired. The UK and Australia came in to the count next though with 4.9% and 3.8% of the total Breaking Bad mentions respectively.

MAP - Country Distribution

To put that in perspective, we pulled up a heat map to show where all the tweets about Breaking Bad were coming from over Sunday and Monday. In the map below we can see that North America was completely blanketed by people talking about the show. However, we can also see that the UK, while smaller, is also completely covered by mentions and the same goes for Eastern Australia (where the majority of their population lives).

MAP - Geo Location Heat Map of Tweets

Did you watch the Breaking Bad finale? Do you think it was worth all the hype it received? Let us know in the comments (but no spoilers for those of us that haven’t seen it yet please).

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