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Keeping Track of Teens on Social Media

We published a post recently highlighting the growing activity of seniors on social media.

Now, it appears as if teens are also changing their social media attitude and behaviour.

On the surface, many presume  teens are less loyal to a particular social network, as well as relying on peer influence.

The leading social networks for teens are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  myspace, YouTube, Tumblr, Googel+ and Pinterest.

Mashable had a story about teen activity on social media, and the results both cement current beliefs and presents some surprises.

By a wide margin, Facebook still accounts for the highest number of teen accounts and users.

The most surprising aspect of this data is  only 7% (as of 2012) of teens have YouTube accounts. I would have easily guessed it would be closer to 30% based on how enthusiastic teens are about videos.

This might have to do with parent restrictions or there may be even more variables at play, but it is nonetheless surprising.

As a digital marketer or PR practitioner whose digital plan involves connecting with teens, you have to really keep track of their activity.

Beyond this, you have to find the best ways to communicate with them – contests, video, podcasts, etc…

No matter what is being said of Facebook, it is still the teen choice to engage and communicate.

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