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Marketwired Client Spotlight: Amelia Green-Vamos, CMO, Jebbit

Jebbit has been named one of CNBC’s Top 25 Most Promising Startups in the World, and been featured in BostInno’s Coolest College Startups and Global Entrepreneurship Week Top 50 Startup Awards.


Why all the kudos? Because Jebbit is a new way for people to interact with brands they care about. Instead of bombarding their audiences with ads, brands use Jebbit to pay people in cash for engaging with them.


How does the company manage to do this? Jebbit is a pay-per-performance ad network based on guaranteed engagement. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jebbit uses existing online content and engages consumers by posting questions about the content displayed. These questions power brand education, market research, user acquisition, social media action, and direct sales for brands. In return for engaging, consumers are given monetary and discounted rewards. Jebbit questions are on a unique cost metric, Cost-Per-Correct-Answer (CPCA™), in which the brand only pays for guaranteed engagement from the consumer.


We caught up with Jebbit CMO Amelia Green-Vamos to find out what life is like working at Jebbit: “I was personally drawn to the amazing team here and the intensity of the start-up life. It is fast paced and perpetuates such growth and innovation. As CMO, I have the opportunity to build relationships both with our clients and users and see the performance the Jebbit platform provides. Jebbit is working to change the way brands and consumers view online content by instilling the mutuality and relationship between the two, one Jebbit campaign at a time. It is very exciting to be a part of a team looking to make an impact on the online advertising industry.”


“No day is ever the same,” says Green-Vamos, “which is the beauty of being in the online advertising industry. It is so expansive, and due to this expansiveness Jebbit has been able to work with hundreds of brands ranging from Coca-Cola and Bose to exciting start-ups and small business. This creates an environment that forces the Jebbit team to be continuously evolving and thinking about how they can continue to provide brands with valuable engagement and reward consumers for their interaction.”


One of Green-Vamos’ biggest challenges is balancing and prioritizing all of the various projects that need to get done. When resources and hours are limited, she says it forces you to become much more strategic with your time and be more discerning about the projects you take on. “This is especially difficult for most entrepreneurs who have a tendency to let their ambition overshadow what is realistically possible,” admits Green-Vamos.  “I certainly have learned that you cannot do everything, but if you focus your attention only on what is most important, you can accomplish your goals more efficiently and with more intentionality, and can then move on to the next task at hand.”


Green-Vamos credits Marketwired with having given Jebbit the opportunity to appear in worldwide, recognizable publications such as the Wall Street Journal. She says, “As a startup, this visibility provided us with a way to educate the masses about what Jebbit is. This also gave Jebbit a great level of credibility, which provided us additional traction in future press and marketing efforts. The service was incredibly easy to use and the customer service was reliably prompt and friendly.”


When asked what she’s most proud of, Green-Vamos immediately says it’s Jebbit’s growth – both from a team and product standpoint. now has users at over 3,000 universities and colleges and has expanded the Jebbit platform experience to an advertising network with a reach of 18 million monthly unique consumers. Jebbit also has grown from a group of business-minded undergraduate students to 15 full-time employees who are dedicated to bringing the Jebbit vision to life.


Green-Vamos advises anyone looking to get into marketing to have a strong background in psychology by either taking courses or reading books such as “Influence” by Robert Cialdini. In her words, “marketing is not just an aspect of business, but it is a perspective on people and behavior. Having a solid base of understanding in what drives people will serve any businessman or businesswoman. I also encourage everyone, those first starting their careers and experienced professionals, to continuously nurture and grow their network. It is a resource that is so often under-utilized. Take the extra time to put yourself in the position to meet influencers in the industry,”

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