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Setting Up for Success: A Social Media Playbook for the IRO

[1]In football, a playbook is what every player must study and memorize as they get ready for a new winning season. Filled with descriptions and diagrams of the plays they should practice, plus tactics and methods for execution, it is, essentially, their blueprint for success.

We’re drawing some inspiration from our touchdown-chasing friends and sharing our own playbook, “A Social Media Playbook for the IRO.” Since the SEC announced [2] that public companies are able to disclose material information on social media, we’ve encouraged IROs to integrate social media into their IR best practices [3]. But, when it comes to social media, many IROs are looking for a roadmap to understand the various channels out there. Although there are many approaches to social media and no strict guidelines for how to proceed, we’ve created a smart strategy, the 4 “L’s”: Listen, Launch, Leverage and Lead. Within the playbook, we break down the ways social media can be used for investor relations, including tips, “how-tos” and case studies to help IROs build an actionable game plan.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of social media for investor relations? Download “A Social Media Playbook for the IRO” here [4].


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