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Marketwired Client Spotlight: Arif Gangji, CEO of Neon Rain Interactive

In 2002, Neon Rain Interactive was a start-up in the right place at the right time. With so many companies just getting off the digital ground, founder Arif Gangji saw a huge opportunity in the making.  He was acutely aware that there were a slew of bad developers who were doing their clients a disservice by building websites that were poorly designed and optimized.


Arif saw an opportunity to not only create standards where there were few or none, but he also felt that he and his colleagues could create digital assets for businesses that could help them succeed in a rapidly evolving new media landscape. So Arif focused his business on web application development, mobile application development, custom website design, and search engine optimization – all critical elements that help companies grow and thrive.


Fast forward to 2008 when Arif’s hard work was publicly recognized. In that year Neon Rain was ranked as one of Denver’s Top Firms by the Denver Business Journal – and it has been ranked in the top of that list every year since.


But that’s not all. Arif was named “Small Business Person of the Year” by the Metro North Chamber in 2012. He was also chosen as one of Denver’s “Forty under 40” to follow by the Denver Business Journal.


To these accolades and others, Arif humbly says, “we have so many awards, but it’s the results our clients see that makes us fulfilled.  Additionally, it’s the work we do in our community that makes us smile.  We work with CASA ( and ACE ( to help kids in the Denver area.”


What does Arif find most interesting about his business? As he puts it, “we get to build companies. We get to help create new technologies as our world is ever changing. That is exciting. We love it when our clients build something from the ground up and get to sell it off, knowing we had a hand in the core technology of their business.”


Arif’s path to success hasn’t all been rosy, however. He acknowledges that every stage of growth has presented its unique challenges. As he says, “the key is to keep your mind open because the way you are doing things now is not how you’ll do things six months from now.” In its first eight years Neon Rain experienced a 30 to 50% annual rate of growth, so Arif has obviously been navigating those growth challenges quite well.


For those who are thinking of throwing their hat into the new business ring, Arif’s words of advice are: “Don’t be afraid to fall. Just get back up and keep pushing forward.  The industry is ever changing and you need to as well.”


Arif uses Marketwired for press releases to help his clients gain additional exposure. He says, “We’ve seen some great traction and we’ve tried many of the available outlets over the years.”


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