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Webinar: A Social Media Roadmap for Investor Relations

July 24: IR Magazine and Marketwired give IROs an action plan to harness the power of social media

Investor relations is at an historic crossroads as an increasing number of public companies and IROs are recognizing the opportunity to incorporate social media into their standard IR practices. On July 24, IR Magazine and Marketwired will explore how IROs can harness the power of social media for investor relations during “A Social Media Roadmap for Investor Relations,” a webinar presented by Neil Stewart, editorial and research director at IR Magazine, and Kurt Heinemann, chief marketing officer at Marketwired. During the webinar, Stewart and Heinemann will break down the ways social media can be used for investor relations into simple, straightforward, and actionable steps – from assessing resources and monitoring to using social media to supplement existing disclosure practices.

“In the past year, we’ve witnessed a series of events that have interconnected investor relations and social media. The question is no longer whether it makes sense to integrate the two, but how,” said Heinemann. “What IROs need now is an actionable plan to get started, and by merging Marketwired’s social communications expertise with IR Magazine’s extensive knowledge of investor relations, we’re able to provide a 360-degree perspective of what that should look like.”

In addition to getting a recommended “roadmap” to smartly use social media to gain traction and drive awareness, attendees will see how other public companies are adopting social media for investor relations. They will also learn how to reap other benefits from social media such as identifying potential crises, trends and key influencers, measuring communication reach, and reporting to senior management on market sentiment.

“There are so many articles and resources explaining why IROs should invest in social media, but none that provide a truly actionable plan to get started. And that’s what this webinar will deliver,” said Stewart.

·         What: “A Social Media Roadmap for Investor Relations” – a free webinar presented by IR Magazine and Marketwired

·         When: Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT

·         Who: Neil Stewart, Editorial and Research Director, IR Magazine and Kurt Heinemann, CMO, Marketwired

·         Register: Click here to register for the webinar.

The one-hour session will be archived for later viewing. All registrants receive access to the archived webinars.

This webinar is part of Marketwired’s ongoing series to help businesses keep pace with the changing marketplace, uncover new opportunities, and harness the power of influence.

On Twitter? Connect with @Marketwired in advance of the webinar, or follow along live on Wednesday, July 24, at #SMforIR.


About the Presenters

Neil Stewart, Editorial and Research Director, IR Magazine

Neil is a roving editor and spokesman for IR Magazine, a global print and online magazine based in New York and London. He also oversees the investor surveys behind the IR Magazine Awards world-wide and helped launch IR Magazine’s sister publication Corporate Secretary, the governance, risk and compliance monthly. Originally from Montreal, Neil has chaired IR Magazine conferences and spoken at other events around the world during his more than 18 years as a financial journalist.

Kurt Heinemann, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketwired

Kurt Heinemann champions the Marketwired brand experience. He is a seasoned marketing executive and business strategist with experience in branding, web marketing, lead generation, public and analyst relations, ecommerce, and strategic partnerships. He has a strong track record of success in communicating a company’s unique value proposition to potential customers, partners, and market influencers through strategic and creative means.


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