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Corporate Blogging is Not About You

blogging blogsWhy is it that so many corporate blogs only feature content about their products?

What’s the purpose of this approach?

Why do so many companies believe this content is interesting?

Why would anyone read this kind of blog on a regular or even semi-regular basis?

In doing some research recently on several different sector, it was puzzling to see so many corporate blog embrace the me-me-me approach.

If it’s not about their products, it’s about a partner, events attended, awards or media coverage.

Frankly, these kind of blogs are uninspiring.

Sure, they might be easy to write, “safe” and generate a little search engine juice but they’re more corporate brochures than offering value-added content.

For corporate blogs to thrive, they need to be educational, entertaining or engaging. They need to offer a variety of content that offers information, inspiration and insight.

Most important, it can’t be all about the brand all the time.

Corporate blogs thrive when they feature a healthy content mix. It’s alright to talk about corporate developments but it needs to be balanced by non-corporate content.

This approach serves the company’s needs but, as important, the needs and interest of readers, including potential customers.

Truth be told, these kind of blogs are more challenging and consume more resources because they’re not just marketing and sales collateral being regurgitated.

The upside is these blogs are more interesting and user-friendly.



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