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NIRI 2013: The Future Of Investor Relations

We’re headed to NIRI with big news to share.

This weekend the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) kicks off its annual conference, hosting IR practitioners, counselors, and service providers. Of course you’ll be able to find our Marketwired team there in full force as well.

We’re really looking forward to the conference this year as we’re in a unique position.

You’ve recently heard us talk a lot about how the worlds of investor relations and social media are quickly coming closer and closer together. Yesterday we wrote about the ASX’s (Australian Stock Exchange’s) mandate to have all public companies monitor social media. We’ve also shown you how the next generation of investors are relying heavily on information gleamed from social media. Not to mention our coverage on the SEC’s recent ruling that financial disclosure can now come through social media channels.

Why does all of this put Marketwired in a unique position at NIRI this year? We’re the only company in the world that specializes in both the handling of financial disclosures AND social media. And we’re excited to share our expertise with all of the NIRI attendees.

Are you interested in learning more about how social media and investor relations can work more closely together? Check out what we have going on NIRI:

  • On the morning of Tuesday June 11th our President and CEO, Jim Delaney, will be speaking about The Power of Influence: Social Media, Wall Street and What’s Next. In this session Jim will speak to the shifting marketplace and to the opportunities for companies that integrate traditional and digital investor relations. He’ll show examples of companies that have already started to integrate social into their IR efforts and call out the best practices we’ve seen so far. As well, Jim will speak to the ever-important issue of how to measure the impact of digital investor relations strategies and tactics.
  • On Monday June 10th from 4-5pm and Tuesday June 11th from 5:30-6:30pm we will be holding our Marketwired Closing Bell cocktail hour. Come by our booth (Booth #603) after a day of learning to relax and have a drink with our team. We’d love to meet as many conference goers as possible and speak to you about how Marketwired can help with the releases of your financial information, how you can navigate the world of social media, or how you can do both at the same time.
  • As well, for both those at the conference and those not able to be there in person, throughout the entire conference we be doing live Q&A sessions with conference goers and speakers which will be live broadcasted through Ustream. Follow our @Marketwired Twitter account for updates and links to when these Q&A sessions are going live.

As I hinted, we’ve got big news to share at NIRI.  I can’t give it away until our official unveiling during the conference, but I can tell you that NIRI delegates who visit the Marketwired booth will be introduced to an entirely new way to make social media integral to their investor communications.  We’ve led the way in developing safe, secure, simultaneous distribution for 30 years — this year is no different. Stop by booth #603 to get the inside story.

As you can see, we have a lot going on for NIRI 2013 and we’re very excited to share it all with the world.

If you’re going to be at NIRI we’d love to meet and speak with you, so please come by our booth and make sure you check out Jim Delaney’s session on Monday.

If you can’t wait until Sunday though, feel free to leave us a comment below today and we can start to connect before the conference even starts.

See you in Florida!

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