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The Social Anticipation For Arrested Development Explodes

Heeeeeey brother!

After years of waiting, hoping and praying, one of my favourite shows was finally brought back to life. On Sunday, Netflix exclusively debuted 15 new Arrested Development episodes.

Arrested Development originally ran three seasons between 2003-2006. Despite the hilarious nature of the show and the many awards that it garnered over those three years the show couldn’t seem to bring in viewers. However, the show also found a second life in peoples’ homes on DVD. The DVD popularity along with a loyal fan base inspired to Netflix to buy the rights to the series from Fox, who originally ran the show on cable television. They spent the next few years getting the cast bac together and putting together 15 new episodes that were all released at once.

I wasn’t the only person who was super excited for Arrested Development to make its triumphant return, so I took to MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics platform, to see what people had been saying in social media. Over the past week I found over 431,000 conversations mentioning Arrested Development. In the past seven days I found 4,775 blog posts, 4,086 online news articles, 7,811 forum postings and 414,731 tweets about Arrested Development.

A look at those mentions charted out over time shows that as Sunday approached, anticipation for Arrested Development grew. All week long we can see that there was more and more mentions happening each day. It finally cumulated in a giant explosion of mentions on Sunday when the entirely new 15 episode season became available for public consumption.

So what were people talking about? Well, it turns out that people are obsessed with the amazing characters from the show, the Bluth family. A look at our buzzgraph of conversations shows that most of the chatter was people talking about their favourite “Bluth” or the actors that played them. Hilarious characters such as “Gob,” “Maeby,” “Lucille” (although I’m not sure if they meant Lucille 1 or 2), “Buster” and my personal favourite character “Tobias.” We can also see a lot of names of the actors that portray the dysfunctional Bluths like “Jason” “Bateman,” Jeffrey “Tambor,” Will “Arnett” and Michael “Cera.”

Our word cloud shows more talk about the actual return of the show. We can see that people were talking about the show once aired by “Fox” but now has “original” “episodes” being made by “Netflix” after “years” of anticipation.

Lastly I decided to look at the most retweeted tweets around Arrested Developments triumphant return. It turns out that almost all of them are people being told when the show actually starts. We can see that these announcements came from official accounts such as the official Arrested Development twitter account, Netflix and show star Jeffrey Tambor. The others were just from highly followed tribute accounts like the Bluth Quotes accounts.

It’s clear that I wasn’t the only person that was super excited about the return of Arrested Development. Did you help contribute to the hype as well? And, if you’ve seen the new season already, let us know what you thought (without giving too much away please as I’m trying not to binge and spread the episodes out over at least a week for myself).

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