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New Client Success Stories Exemplify What it Means to be Marketwired

Tracking down missing children. Predicting election results. Preventing children from dropping out of school. Promoting a diverse and industry-focused university. Growing a full-service gardening brand.

Thanks to Marketwired, these noteworthy goals are being achieved in ways that could not have been imagined a few years ago. They’re brought to life in five new client case studies that demonstrate how Marketwired solutions are providing new ways for organizations to fulfill their missions.

  • Tracking Down Missing Children: The Missing Children Society of Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting missing children with their families, uses Heartbeat, powered by Sysomos, to track alerts sent to the networks of its donors. This “World’s Most Valuable Social Network” is a unique approach that leverages its donors’ personal social networks to give missing children the greatest possible chance to be found.
  • Predicting Election Results: Research firm ORI wanted to understand how social media affects politics, so it used MAP, powered by Sysomos, to assess the effectiveness of the Obama and Romney campaigns during the 2012 US presidential campaign. What ORI found, in addition to being able to identify memes developing in real-time, was a new way to understand audience perceptions and behaviors beyond what can be learned through traditional research techniques alone.
  • Preventing Children from Dropping Out of School: About one million students drop out of public school every year. City Year is a non-profit organization that fights factors that lead to dropping out. It uses Heartbeat to track its #makebetterhappen campaign, which mobilizes current City Year corps members to tweet their stories and experiences on social media about how the program helps keep children in school and on track to graduation – inspiring their peers to join the organization.
  • Promoting a Diverse and Industry-focused University: Georgia State University (GSU) uses social media to build its brand as an urban, industry-focused institution that is a national model for student success. It connects with students, creating a sense of excitement that students can share and encourage enrollment. GSU uses Heartbeat to monitor Twitter and Facebook and field questions from current and future students. Thanks to Heartbeat’s workflow feature, it’s easy to refer questions to the most appropriate departments.
  • Growing a Full-service Gardening Brand : Gardener’s Supply is the largest direct marketing gardening supply company in the United States. To compete with huge home improvement conglomerates, the company builds its brand credibility through an online newsroom using Marketwired Impress where journalists and bloggers can find rich content for their stories. Gardener’s Supply also sends out personalized emails using Marketwired Mediahub for targeted list-building, and distributes regional press releases through Marketwired, tracking results with data from Marketwired’s News Dashboard.

Visit the Marketwired Client Success Stories web page and learn more about each featured organization’s unique challenges. You’ll find out how Marketwired solutions open new opportunities and contribute to greater success. Getting Marketwired allows these organizations to tune in to the conversations that count, find insights that matter and reach the right people.

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