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Is a Kickstarter Backlash Upon us?

Kickstarter has been all the rage in social media for the past year. It seemed to cement itself as a force when Veronica Mars creator used it as a means to fund a movie based on the popular TV show.

There’s a debate raging within the digital world about whether Kickstarter has lost its way. Has it become a tool for people and brands with money and power to get their vanity projects off the ground?

If this is true, then it has definitely deviated from its original purpose. This would be a shame because Kickstarter shows real promise for digital marketers along with budding entrepreneurs.

Kickstarter’s appeal is to let the average user realize a dream that has been halted by a lack of funds; a common problem for most. A celebrity could more likely kick start their own projects without the help of the Kickstarter’s crowdsourcing means.

It’s important to remember that whatever you do in the digital realm, you must stay true to your original intention if it worked. Kickstarter still works on several levels for brands of varying sizes.

Kickstarter might be at a bit of a crossroad because the celebrities are bringing mountains of publicity to the site. At the same time, however, they might also be overshadowing the true purpose of Kickstarter’s existence.

Of course, it helps when Zach Braff (who is using Kickstarter to fund a sequel to Garden State) asked those who joined Kickstarter to make sure they browse the site.

As for digital marketers, you need to still figure out if Kickstarter is a network that can help get your project off the ground. There’s a good chance that with the right incentive, it could be a great boon to your brand.

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1 Comment on Is a Kickstarter Backlash Upon us?

Sheldon Levine said : administrator Report 5 years ago

In a wonderful coincidence yesterday, I found this article where Kevin Smith said that he was going to try to use KickStarter to get his Clerks 3 movie going, but changed his mind at the last minute. Here's a quote from the article of what he said: "We nearly Kickstarted the budget back in November," explained Smith. "But now I'm feeling like that's not fair to real indie filmmakers who need the help. Unlike back when I made CLERKS in '91, I've GOT access to money now - so I should use that money and not suck any loot out of the crowd-funding marketplace that might otherwise go to some first-timer who can really use it."

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