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It’s NHL Playoff Time

On Tuesday night the NHL playoffs started. 16 teams are vying for the chance to lift the great Stanley Cup high above their heads and proclaim themselves the 2013 NHL champions. But it’s a long way to owning the Cup soon. And just who will be the teams to play for the Stanley Cup is still yet to be seen. But today, I’m going to use social media data to determine which two teams will be playing in the Stanley Cup finals.

To do this, I used MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, to look at talk about all 16 teams in the playoffs. To do this, I looked for mentions of the team name only, not nicknames or abbreviated versions. I broke them down by division and compared all the teams against each other. I pulled up information on the number of mentions that each team received overall, mentions by individual channel and sentiment to compare from the entire (albiet short) regular season.

The following is my findings:

NHL Eastern Division

NHL Western Division


Looking st the data above, it’s not very clear to call a winner from either division.

In the Eastern Division it looks like the Ottawa Senators dominated in terms of volume of conversations. They were mentioned over 5 million times in the 101 days of regular season play. The second place team in terms of mentions from the East was the Toronto Maple Leafs, who had just under 2.5 million mentions. However, when I then looked at the sentiment around the teams, Ottawa was tied for the most amount of negative talk about them (20%). They also had the second highest amount of positive talk though (59%). The Washington Capitals, however, had the greatest amount of positive talk surrounding them, with an astounding 69%. But the Capitals also garnered the least amount of mentions over the season.

Then, in the Western Division, the Chicago Blackhawks had the most amount of mentions for the year. When it came to sentiment around them though, they just faired average (which I find strange considering the amazing run they had). The LA kings, who won the Stanley Cup last year, showed an amazing amount of positive chatter about them this season (70%), but fell somewhere in trhe middle of the pack in terms of mentions. I also found it interesting that the San Jose Sharks (who are a decent team in my opinion) got talked about the least over the regular season in the Western Division, but also managed to get the most amount of negative talk (34%) of any team in either division.

As you can see, looking at this data doesn’t make for an easy prediction on which two teams will meet in the finals. So instead of making the prediction myself, I’m going to leave it up to you.

Take a look at the data above and let us know in the comments which two teams (one from each division) you think we are going to see in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. Also, feel free to tell us what parts of that data lead to that conculsion.

We’re looking to forward to hearing your thoughts.

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