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Anticipation and Expectations Build For A New Daft Punk Album

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a album. And I feel like I’m not the one that feels this way.

Yesterday, it was reported that when Daft Punk released their first single from their forthcoming album, Random Access Memories, it set a record for being the most streamed song in a single day ever on Spotify. But this is just the recent hype. There’s been a lot of hype around both Daft Punk and their new album for quite some time now.Rumours about them playing at Coachella started almost right after last year’s Coachella ended. Near the beginning of March they released a 15 second commercial during Saturday Night Live, and another one last weekend. There’s also a series being done by The Creators Project, a venture between Vice and Intel, of interviews with people Daft Punk collaborated with on their upcoming album. All of this has got many music fans very excited.

Even though Daft Punk was not on this year’s Coachella line up, it was still rumoured that they would come out during another artists set. They didn’t. But it got me thinking about all the people that probably tweeted their disappointment. Then I saw the article about their single breaking the Spotify record and knew that if I kept talking about Daft Punk, other people must be also. So, I used MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, to see if I was right.

I looked back at a month’s worth of talk about Daft Punk. In that time I found the french robot duo mentioned just under 927,000 times. Daft Punk was mentioned in 11,343 blog posts, 6,135 online news articles, 20,283 forum postings and 889,117 tweets.

In that same time, there has also been over 26,000 videos uploaded about Daft Punk.

When I looked at these mentions spread out over time we can see that talk of Daft Punk was going quite strong at the beginning of the month. It then slowly rose the closer it got to the first weekend of Coachella, April 12-14. We then see a small spike in activity on the 13th and 14th as the 13th was the day Daft Punk was rumoured to make a guest appearance at the music festival, however, since it was after midnight by the time people knew they weren’t coming out, the mentions appear to have happened more on the 14th. As well, that evening was the night their second SNL commercial played on TV. Then, the large spike we can see towards the end of the chart corresponds with the release of their single last Friday and became the most streamed song on Spotify in a single day.

While Coachella happened and SNL aired in the United States, it didn’t stop the rest of the world from talking. The single, Get Lucky, was also released world wide and had everyone talking. A look at where all the mentions of Daft Punk have been coming from over the past month show that their much anticipated album has people talking in all corners of the world. The United States leads the conversation with 26.7%, but are followed by France (where Daft Punk come from) with 12.8% and the United Kingdom with 11.4%.

A look at our heat map that shows where tweets about Daft Punk were originating from shows visually that the entire globe has these dance music making robots on their mind.

All of this hype about the band has certainly got people talking, even though their album doesn’t come out for almost a month still. The hype has also got people’s hopes (including my own) quite high. The sentiment around Daft Punk in the past month has a favourable rating of 88%. 47% of the conversation has been rated positive while only 12% rated negative. Most of the negative talk was also due to Daft Punk not actually appearing at Coachella despite them saying many times that they would not be there.

There’s a lot of hype and expectation for Daft Punk’s new album. Let’s hope that it lives up to all this hype.

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