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How to Build and Manage Your Brand Image? Start with Marketwire Reports.

By Dagmar King

ALERT: Your organization’s brand image is no longer in your control.

Not that it ever entirely was, but once upon a time you had more say in convincing people what to think about your company, its products and services than you do today.

Now your brand and what it represents is largely shaped by social forces that fall outside the influence of traditional advertising and public relations. It’s no longer a “top-down” world. But what’s exciting is that today you have more opportunities to win hearts and minds than ever before.

Brent Heatley says it best in his op-ed “The brand control delusion,” which appeared this past December in the Australian publication AdNews: “Building and evolving brand strategies from the customer perspective is a smarter way of gaining permission to connect, adding value and, ultimately, of winning hearts and minds. Marketers who persist in imposing their top-down processes are likely to end up with brand strategies that are little more than wishful thinking.”

Build a brand strategy from the customer’s perspective

So how do you build and evolve a brand strategy from the customer’s perspective? Short answer: start by researching and monitoring social media. It is no longer optional to ignore social media conversations about your industry, your company and its competitors. Insight into relevant conversations on social sites like Twitter, blogs and industry forums will help you shape successful business decisions and strategies in today’s new world.

But what if you don’t have the time, tools or resources to analyze or monitor social media activity? Or you haven’t perfected the skills to generate and deliver a professional social media report and/or presentation? In these situations, you may want to consider having social media analytical reports created for you.

Marketwire Reports to the rescue

Marketwire provides a service called Marketwire Reports that does all the work for you. The only requirement is that you are a Marketwire client. Even if you’re not currently a client, it costs nothing to sign up – there’s no annual fee and you pay only for the reports you want.

To begin, our social media experts consult with you to set up and create a custom report using MAP (Media Analysis Platform) and Heartbeat, both powered by the industry-leading social media platform Sysomos. After your initial consultation, your first report is delivered to you in five business days.

You can order a Competitive Intelligence Report or a Brand Mention Report and each includes a wealth of valuable information. Following are some analytics from a Competitive Intelligence report on the Smartphone industry.


Below is a competitive overview of mentions collected for all Smartphones industry conversations, compared to Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone from June 1 to August 31, 2012.


The following graphs represent the total share of voice for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone within generic smartphone conversations. The “Non-Branded” portion represents mentions that do not include a reference to any of these four brands (but may reference others).


  • The iPhone continues to dominate the smartphone conversations.
  • While overall BlackBerry received the second greatest number of mentions of all the smartphone brands analyzed when we removed all the conversations where people also talked about their competitors, they fell down to having the second fewest mentions.
  • BlackBerry phones get talked about most often when people compare their products to the other phones in the market. If we also factor in their low favorability rating from the dashboard we can conclude that people talk about BlackBerry in terms of needing to catch up with the other smartphone brands.
  • Within the competitive landscape of smartphones, all brands lose a significant amount of conversation when they are not being compared to or talked about with their competitors.



  • The iPhone gets mentioned more than twice as much on average as the next most talked-about smartphone, both overall and on a monthly average.
  • After the iPhone, the BlackBerry gets the second greatest volume of talk, but a lot of that chatter is coming from outside of the United States. For all the smartphones, the United States has the greatest number of conversations, but BlackBerrys seem to be talked about more outside of the United States as well.
  • Both Android and BlackBerry phones seem to be more popular on a worldwide basis as the United States seems to talk about them less than the other phones on a share-of-voice per-country volume.


Android – Frequent Word Analysis

The following mention results are for Android from June 1 to August 31, 2012. The Word Cloud shows (by size) the most frequently mentioned words from all sources, and beneath it the Entities Word Cloud shows (by size) the most frequently referenced nouns.

The Payback: Better ROI

It doesn’t matter if you represent a large consumer brand, a B2B company or a non-profit. People are talking about you and/or your type of product, service and industry. Until you find out what they are saying and gauge the sentiment of their social media conversations, your outreaches will largely be in the dark. When you use social intelligence to guide your strategies and tactics – especially before, during and after a marketing campaign – you’ll not only make more informed decisions, but you’ll ultimately find out if you’re getting a decent ROI for your work and efforts.

Learn more about Marketwire Reports.



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