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For Brands, Passion and Personality Matter

The best brands in the social media world encompass two distinct elements – passion and personality. Those who lack these key ingredients need to find them so they can connect with their target audiences.

 But what is passion and why does it matter?

Regardless of what a brand sells, it needs to have passion seeping out of every corner of what it does. Nike, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are amazing at demonstrating their passion all the time.

Small businesses and startups also need show their audiences what matters to them and their world. Build a passionate team and celebrate the things that display passion.

Second, but no less important, is personality.

This one can be tough to qualify but we all recognize it. The brands that make the biggest mark are the ones that have the most developed and distinct personality.

When you think about your favourite online brand, it is almost certain you can pick off the different aspects of their personality. You most likely understand and recognize their voice, as well as when there is a slight change in their personality.

This is because they did their job.

As you build your brand in the online world, remember these two things and make sure that you can deliver them.

What brands exemplify the one-two punch of passion and personality? How can you tell?

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3 Comments on For Brands, Passion and Personality Matter

TokenPHD said : Guest Report 5 years ago

You need to make a distinction between the brand's "intended" passion (or emotion) and personality, versus the customer/audience's "perception"of the brand's passion and personality. In communication theory, the "intentions of the sender" and the "perceptions of the receiver" are potentially two different things. The more closely aligned, the more effective the communication. Whether the alignment matters depends on the brand resonance generated. BTW, both emotion and personality have been measured in numerous academic studies.

Mark Evans said : subscriber Report 5 years ago

Good question. It's a difficult thing to measure but you know if when you see it. Thanks for the comment. Mark

Max said : Guest Report 5 years ago

How does Sysomos measure passion?

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