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No “Return to Sender” — How Direct E-Mail Lists Can Amplify Your Message

By Leland Humbertson, Associate Editor

Public relations professionals are always looking for ways to more effectively distribute their messages to members of the media and other influencers. One way — which is often very cost-effective — is to create a custom list of professionals to augment news distribution through a wire circuit.

Custom lists — also called custom wires, email blasts or personal lists — are collections of email addresses and fax numbers of members of the media and others that are assembled by public relations professionals with the help of a newswire. The service is called Custom Wire at Marketwire. A typical Custom Wire list includes journalists outside the distribution of a wire circuit, or people associated with the sender’s company whom the sender thought should receive a copy, or even stakeholders who have requested information about the company. In general, the recipients are people who media and marketing professionals would want to receive the news being reported.

In addition to compiling a list of known Custom Wire contacts, Marketwire clients can take advantage of Mediahub, a database of more than 1.5 million individual contacts and editorial opportunities in the US, Canada, Europe and the UK, to augment the list they have already compiled. For example, if a public relations officer had a list of 200 affiliates in the sports industry, but wanted even more coverage, Marketwire’s Mediahub sports professionals’ index might be used to augment the list.

Aside from achieving more coverage, sending a Custom Wire in addition to a wire distribution has the advantage of making a message more personal. Press releases going across the wire are often delivered to the general inboxes of targeted media outlets. While this is an effective way of making sure a message “gets out,” a Custom Wire ensures a message reaches a specific, named individual. To further personalize the communication, the message comes from the sender’s email address, and faxes arrive on the sender’s letterhead.

All business professionals know the benefit of collecting customers’ e-mail addresses and sending out e-blasts; this type of email networking is a way to make customers more engaged with the goings-on of a business by personally addressing new products, deals or exciting events directly of interest to them. The principle is the same with Custom Wires — writers acquainted in some way with the sender company are receiving individually addressed emails in their inboxes. This process goes a long way toward building relationships between two parties.

Having a Custom Wire attached to a Marketwire profile – a pre-determined set of distribution criteria residing in Marketwire’s submission system – is another way to ensure the same people receive a sender’s messages regardless of other areas a company might wish to target.

For example, a company that makes electrical components may want to send out a release to the Biotech Hotspots circuit to communicate news about a new medical device. However, if the company’s next release is about a device dealing with airport security, the wire circuit might change to the High-Tech Hotspots circuit. By attaching a Custom Wire list to each release, the same group of writers and professionals interested in the company’s news will always be included.

PR agencies or other companies with linked Marketwire accounts can also have multiple saved Custom Wire lists, easily allowing anyone to send releases to one or several different groups of people. Managing all these lists through your Marketwire account can be easier than trying to juggle them in an email program.

Once a Custom Wire is distributed, the user can monitor the impact of the communication by logging into his or her Marketwire account and viewing a comprehensive report, by Custom Wire list, which shows how many addresses it was sent to, the number of emails individual contacts received, how many recipients opened the message, and how many distribution errors occurred.

Whatever the reason — be it a cost, targeted coverage or merely convenience — Marketwire can help compile and manage custom distribution lists for every type of industry.

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