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How to Plan a Successful Event

[1]How do you throw an event that will get the right media to attend and gain valuable coverage for your product or client? It takes a little more than just throwing a party, inviting everyone you know and hoping for the best.

In our webinar [2] we looked at how public relations professionals can get journalists to call them. In this series, we’ll look at how the experts put together an event from deciding who to invite to following up after the event.

This week, we look at the preparation before an event. 

Kei Baritugo, founder of BoldLove Communications says that one of the most important things when it comes to getting coverage, is organization.

Key Objectives

“Be creative and give yourself enough lead time. Most people underestimate how long it takes to get a pitch out,” says Baritugo. Part of that organization is to identify your overall goal with key objectives that have measurable outcomes, and demographics.

“Why are you hosting the event?” says Baritugo. “Who are your target audiences? Once you have those answers, you create your key media list.”

Some goals can be an increase in fanbase among a certain group of people or create a positive shift in public perception.


Jillian Zrihen of Tracey Brooke Public Relations says demographics is key. “[It] would depend of the type of event I am inviting them to as well as who the client is, ” says Zrihen. “We recently had a holiday party for GLOSSYBOX.ca where everyone got to experience different beauty stations – it was a really girly and interactive event. So for something like this, I would target women who are passionate about beauty, open to trying new products and trend setters.”

Story Angles

Once the media list has been created, Baritugo finds good story angles that she can pitch to her key media. Not only does that help with getting early coverage for her product or event, it generates goodwill with the media.

“They see you’re organized and have thought about their publications,” she says. Baritugo also likes to send out a well-designed invitation and implement promotional activities such as contests and giveaways that create buzz leading up to the event.

Next week: What to do at the event.

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