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How to Make Your News Release Stand Out

[1]Everyone wants their press release picked up by journalists and bloggers. You can write a great press release but it may not get picked up. So what can you do to give your release a better chance of catching the media’s eye?

Here are some things you can  and should put in your release:

1. Numbers

A strong number always works, especially when it’s sales numbers or quarterly revenue numbers. Put it in the headline or in the first sentence so it immediately makes an impact and catches a journalist’s eye.


A quote is alway great to add to a release but the quote should be relevant to the audience and should add something that isn’t already in your press release.

Keep your quote short and pithy (and always relevant to the product and company). An overlong quote will bore your readers.

3. Information, Information 

If a journalist has to call you for some basic information about your company or product, then you’ve missed an opportunity to improve your release. Assume that people don’t know everything about your product or company and include it in your release.

4. A Great Boilerplate

We’ve talked about boilerplates before but it’s always good to remember that a boilerplate anchors your press release. You can read more about them here [2].

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