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Weekly Round-up: Social Media, Social Sales and Infographics

[1]Our latest round-up has some good stuff to help your social media planning and your small business.

Mark Evans asks on the Sysomos blog whether social media equals social sales [2]. He explains that brands aren’t transparent about why they use social media and perhaps it’s time to readjust the return on social investment. 

Speaking of social media, we’ve all read and shared fun infographics but what makes for a good infographic? The Small Business Blog’s Karen Geier explains what to include [3] and exclude when creating an infographic. Marketwire’s Director of Marketing Lisa Davis highlights three companies who successfully use infographics in their content marketing [4].

Angelica Moreno continues her 4P series with a look at Price [5].

People either love Twitter or hate it. Those who love it cite the contacts, the outreach and the contacts. Those who don’t call it a waste of time. So how should you treat Twitter? Mark Evans offers a few tips [6] on how to get the best out of the microblogging platform.

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