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“Building the story of your company one press release at a time and curating your image online.”

[1]By Robert Garrova, Marketwire editor, Los Angeles

Everyone loves a good story.
As people spend an increasing amount of time on the web, it becomes more and more crucial for companies to create their own narrative and not only publish, but promote this narrative in the digital space. An interesting, ever-developing story not only brings customers back to your website but also fosters brand enthusiasts rather than one-time buyers. A well-timed press release — coupled with a blog post, product launch, or email campaign — can proclaim the pivotal points in your company’s story and get both the media and consumers interested. But what developments in your company’s progression are fit for a press release? 

Website Launch

A website launch is a great founding event to announce with a press release. Broadcasting your company’s new web presence with a press release not only lets the media and consumers know about the debut, but, if enhanced with SEO, it also ensures the visibility of your website early on.

New Product

As your company evolves, you will inevitably have new products and services to offer your customers. A social media-focused release that includes pictures and video that include a caption will serve as an engaging way to reveal your new product. Here’s an example from the Marketwire news page [2].

Trade Event

If your company will attend or sponsor a tradeshow, seminar, or industry event, a media advisory press release lets the press know everything from what your organization will present to your booth location. Since journalists attending tradeshows are often inundated with information at events, an informative release proves an effective way to familiarize attendees with your company. Here’s one from the Marketwire archives [3].

Industry Recognition

Getting attention in your field? If our company or organization wins an award or makes it on an industry list, a press release can help you land an interview with the media. Here’s an example [4].

There are, of course, many other events — from earnings reports to new hires — that companies announce using a Marketwire press release. As each announcement builds and enriches the narrative of your organization, search engines and news sites such as Yahoo! Finance [5], and OTC Markets [6] index and compile your company’s news so that it remains visible and searchable in the future. A simple search of your company’s name or ticker symbol on any major news search engine will provide a running list of your press release headlines, giving those interested a quick means of staying up-to-date with developments.

So, as your business grows, press releases become a useful tool to keep journalists and consumers updated. You’ve undoubtedly spent countless hours branding and fine-tuning your image both on and offline — why not keep the world informed?



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