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Sysomos Product Updates: We Snuck In A Few Extras For You Before The Year Ended


Find hashtags, compare Twitter users, add influencers to your media set quicker and more!

Just in time for Christmas! We have a few presents for you, in the form of product updates!

Today we’re very happy to introduce a few new and great features to make both MAP and Heartbeat even better than before. Some of these are features that we’ve received a lot of requests for, while others are a few extra stocking stuffers that we thought you would enjoy.

Some of these new features include:

  • a way to compare two or more Twitter accounts, side-by-side
  • an easy way to see what hashtags are being tweeted in conjunction with your search terms
  • an easier way to interact with your top influencers
  • new publishing permissions for users.

To find out more about these and all the other new updates, just keep reading.

   Top Twitter Hashtags
Our industry-leading text analytics have always been able to tell you what words people are using when they talk about your brand, your competition, or any other search terms you were interested in. But have you ever wondered what hashtags people were using to connect their conversations? Well, wonder no more. We’ve added the ability to pull the top 10 hashtags being used in any Twitter conversation.

You can now see what hashtags are associated with your brand, then use those hashtags to join in their conversation. Or maybe you notice that a #help hashtag is appearing a lot with a search for your company name. You can now know what people are looking for and respond accordingly. Knowing any hashtags associated with your topic of interest will give you a brand new way to make sure you’re on top of  conversations.

To find this new feature in MAP, head over to the Twitter section and find the “Hashtags” tab down on the left-hand side. In Heartbeat, this feature can be found under the Measure tab in the “text analytics” section.

Compare Twitter Users
Have you ever wanted to compare your Twitter handle to your competitor’s? Want to know if your followers also follow someone else? What your followers have in common? What the difference is? With this latest feature in MAP you can now know all of these things.

Simply head over to the Twitter section of MAP and click on the Compare Users tab. Then you can enter up to eight different Twitter handles to compare at one time.  Once you’ve entered the handles you’re interested in, hit “compare.” We’ll show you a breakdown for each account that includes their basic profile information, their authority ranking, the average authority of their followers, how many new followers they receive a month, a word cloud of their followers’ bios and a breakdown of their followers gender and country of origin.

As well, we will show you a venn diagram of how the followers overlap with the first account in your search and information about those overlapping followers.



New Compare Pages
We’ve made some minor updates to MAP’s compare section as well. You can now compare the sentiment of two or more search terms from Twitter, as well as the geography between searches in forums and online news.


Correlation Diagrams
Under the “Compare” tab of Heartbeat, we’ve now given you the ability to compare certain aspects of the terms that you’re already comparing.

For example, let’s say you’re comparing mentions of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts and you want to know how many of their mentions came from Twitter, or from just males, or even what percentage of those mentions were negative. These are only a few of the areas you can compare. You can take a much deeper dive into a number of other areas available in the drop down menu.


Publishing Permissions
There is also a new way to assign publishing permissions from within Heartbeat. Now both Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked directly to a Heartbeat (previously, Twitter accounts were only linked to a specific users’ login). You can then define which team members/Heartbeat users can publish updates to either Facebook or Twitter.

Just head into your Heartbeat’s settings and down to the “Publish Permissions” tab. Choose to allow every user in a Heartbeat the ability to publish, just the Admin users, or just a selected few people.


Influencers and Most Mentions Usability Update
It’s also easier to do things with the users that appear in your Influencers or Most Mentions sections of Heartbeat’s “Measure” tab. If you click on the “edit” tooltip to the right of a user, you can quickly remove the user from ever showing up in the section again, or add them to one of your existing media sets so you can keep a close eye on them.

Lastly, you may have noticed sometimes that when you exported a page as a pdf some charts would occasionaly get caught in the middle of page break. We’ve made sure that isn’t going to happen anymore, so feel safe when creating pdfs for reports again.

If you are already a Sysomos subscriber and would like further information on these exciting new features for Heartbeat and MAP, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager. 

If you are not already a Sysomos subscriber and would like to find out more about MAP or Heartbeat, please feel free to contact us.

Have a wonderful holidays and we’re looking forward to bringing you many more great updates in 2013!

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