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The new Google+ Communities

[1]Google launched its Google+ Communities [2] last week creating another way to connect with people who share the same interests.

It’s pretty easy to use. You search for an interest whether it’s skiing or knitting or Star Trek and join the community. Then you interact with like-minded people. If there isn’t a community, you can create one in less than ten minutes.

So you know what to do if you like Star Trek but Google+ Communities is also a great place to grow your brand. You can set up a community based on your products and invite your brand ambassadors to interact with you, your brand and your product.

Don’t just create a community for your company. If people like something about your business like a service or a product, build the community around that. You want to get people posting, chatting and uploading pictures.

As Christina DesMarais of INC [3]pointed out, Google+ communities offers private or public memberships, the ability to plan events with community members and participates can create their own topics or threads. You can also assign moderators.

One of the really promising things for brands is the ability to use the Hangout feature in Google+ Communities. A brand or moderators can have weekly or monthly chats. You can check out Hangout Help [4], which yes, is a Google+ community.

It’s a place to share content about your brand and your products to people who want to hear more about them. You can learn more about the new Communities with this video:


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