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The Ikea Monkey

Darwin, the snazzily-dressed monkey who was found in a Toronto Ikea continues to make the news. Today, the news is that the monkey’s owner would like him back but it’s unlikely that will happen.

Darwin made international news, reaching outlets as far as Australia. When I did a search on ikeamonkey OR “#ikeamonkey” OR (Ikea AND monkey) for the last three days, here’s what happened.

There were 82,720 total mentions with Twitter being the leading communication.

When I took a look at who was talking the most about the monkey on Twitter, it was obviously North America:

But it looks like it might have been the United States doing most of the tweeting. I dug a little deeper to find out:

They got involved but the Canadians were the ones tweeting the most about Darwin.

So what exactly was tweeted after the initial pictures were tweeted? Bronwyn Page’s initial tweet of “Umm saw a monkey in the #ikea parking lot” which started the entire #ikeamonkey drama, had 381 twitter mentions but 230,120 estimated impressions. Page has been interviewed by multiple media outlets thanks to her initial tweet with a photo of Darwin.

Darwin’s coat has also garnered some interested. His previous owners said that the shearling coat is one of his favourites and the general consensus is that he’s a very stylish monkey:

We seem to like our animals. First it was Marty the Horse in the Royal York Hotel in Toronto now it’s Darwin the rhesus macaque. This has led to many memes so I’ll leave you with one:

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