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New Sysomos Smartphone Industry Insider

[1]We received amazing feedback on our last Sysomos Industry Insider [2] which took a look at the fast food industry. Our second Sysomos Industry Insider takes a look at the more than one billion smartphones [3] in use around the world.

That’s a huge number but does one particular brand dominate the market? What do people think about their smartphones? Who reigns supreme? Is it the iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry? The Sysomos Industry Insider [3] reveals all.

Once you’ve finished reading our Sysomos Industry Insider (on your smartphone, of course) why not do some planning for 2013? We’ve got 20 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Press Releases [4] with short and sweet tips that will help you craft press releases that will be picked up by media outlets.

Download it. We promise you will refer to it again and again.



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