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Where do social media and PR meet: Writing a social media press release

[1]By Anita Saidi, Senior Editor, Los Angeles

As hard financial times put a strain on many small- to medium-sized businesses, the publicity budgets seem to get smaller and smaller. So how does a small company get the most ‘bang for their buck?’ The answer to this question is not necessarily simple, but there are tools that can be utilized to stamp a company’s Social Media footprint on consumers, without the need for a huge advertising budget.

As relevant as traditional press releases are in today’s evolving landscape, Social Media press releases are forging the way to a whole new world filled with richer text and flashy multimedia components that will grab the readers’ attention and keep them engaged. All this while taking into account the budgetary limitations of today’s PR/Advertising departments. This monetary advantage alone makes a Social Media press release the key to clean, effective advertising that also boasts interactive functionalities to lure in readers and get them talking. Below are a few recommendations for putting together a basic Social Media press release that will share your company’s content with social media savvy readers:

1) Write your content with a ‘scanning reader’ in mind. In other words, make your sentences clean, concise and short. Use bulleted lists to highlight the most important facts. Write in a more casual tone than you would for a conventional press release, this attracts the average reader, especially when they realize that reading your Social Media press release is NOT a two hour commitment which will require a dictionary and a thesaurus.

2) Use Search Engine Optimization to its fullest. Make sure you are including a few embedded tags that link back to a landing page or even the newsroom on your company’s main website. And do not forget to select keywords, focusing on terms used in the headline and subheadline of the release.  For the best optimization of this product, your keywords, should match the words that have been hyperlinked in text of the release.3) Visual enhancements are a MUST in any Social Media release. Make sure that you are including your company’s logo or branding; images of the products mentioned in the release; pictures of C-level employees and other members of your organization; and videos. Nothing boosts profits more than when your company’s PR YouTube video goes viral!

4) Social Media releases exist to engage the reader, so make your press release interactive by providing bookmarking links for sites such as reddit, Twitter and Facebook. This enables the reader to generate hype regarding your company, brand and products. It is important to note that your company’s inclusion on these social media sites will start a conversation, making the process interactive.

So spare your budget and get your clients involved in a marketing campaign via a Social Media press release. The buzz on the web is waiting for your company to attach a product to it. The quickest and most efficient way to get your branding out there is through engagement with your clients, giving them the power to share your information across the internet.

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