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Public Relations experts concerned about social responsibility, communications effectiveness

[1]The Cross Cultural Study of Leadership in Public Relations and Communication Management [2] was released recently and it was found that the two biggest issues in the field are digital networks and generational divides.

It was conducted by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at The University of Alabama, who surveyed more than 4,500 global PR professionals. Here’s what they found:

PR professionals under the age of 36 ranked issues like “improving professional image and measurement of communication effectiveness much higher than older professionals. Younger and lower-level survey participants also ranked issues of social responsibility, transparency and diverse cultures higher than top leaders.”

Older practitioners spoke of dealing with the speed and volume of information, crisis management or employee engagement.

For PR professionals looking to measure communications effectiveness, here are a couple of tips:


  1. Always start by establishing your baseline. What are you hoping to accomplish from your campaign?
  2. Know how to approach members of your targeted media [3].
  3. Craft your press release to get maximum impact [4] and include all multimedia such as video, photos and links.
  4. Look at the right numbers. Mentions are great but if your campaign is aimed at improving your client’s reputation, then it’s the quality of numbers.

You can read the full summary of the report here [2].

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