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Blog round-up: mentoring, dress codes and bad business names

[1]By Renee Sylvestre-Williams

It’s been a busy week on the Small Business [2] and Sysomos blogs [3].

Tannette Johnson-Elie took a look at how mentors can help small business entrepreneurs [4] while Kelli Korducki wondered how companies can establish a corporate dress code [5].

Bad names happen all the time but a kids’ store named after an overblown, overwrought book about imprisonment and death? If you’re of a certain demographic, you may have read Flowers in the Attic. Angelica Moreno shows us why you really need to do some market research [6].

Entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den Arlene Dickinson launched Arlene Dickinson Enterprises [7] this week for entrepreneurs.

On the Sysomos blog, Sheldon Levine looks at baseball’s 2012 World Series [8]. If you’re not into sports but love politics, take a look at who won the three presidential debates [9] and what Canadians think of the US elections (a lot).

Plus there’s all the great content on this blog. Like we said, it’s been a busy week!

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